29 August 2011

Designer Collection Tiles from Ann Sacks

I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It's taking me longer than I thought it would to get back into the groove of things after moving. Sharing a computer with my husband while he works from home hasn't helped. I hope to be back to regular blogging sometime in the next week or so, but in the meantime here's a guest post from a cool site called Design Shuffle.

Ann Sacks founded her company in 1980 in her Portland living room after being inspired by a box of Mexican Talavere tiles. The company has grown to be an industry leader in innovative materials and patterns in tiles and interior design ideas. Now Ann Sacks has paired up with seven influential designers to create the Designer Collection. Pulling from the world of interior design, fine art and textile designs, each of the designers brings a unique eye and design sense to the world of tile. We've pulled together some of our favorite tiles that demonstrate subtle colors and interesting patterns that range from strong lines to delicate impressions.

Angela Adams: Mammy from the graphics collection
Her collection for Ann Sacks has strong lines, bold patterns in a palette inspired by earth tones and her textile and rug designs.

Barbara Barry: Diamond tiles and base in twilight gloss
Known for her sophisticated and classic design sense, Barbara Barry has designed furnishings and home d├ęcor as well as tile. She designed six tile collections for Ann Sacks.

Clodagh: PJ stripe in pumice
Clodagh's tiles are focused on subtle color and patterns inspired by nature. She has designed six tile collections: Stripes, Quill, Concrete, Puzzle, Shield and Sticks.

Laura Kirar: Eue in pastel
Laura Kirar approaches design with the eye of an artist. Kirar has designed sixteen patterns characterized by hand-drawn patterns for her Impressions collection. This collection alone inspires many decorating ideas.

Michael S Smith: Seville deco in willow
Michael S Smith's tiles range from classic subway tiles to the Labrynth tiles that have an intricate pattern as seen above.

Vicente Wolf: Waves in white
Focusing on texture and pattern over bold colors, Vincente Wolf's tiles have a contemporary edge.

Robert Kuo: Mi-shi wen cloisonne
Known for mixing ancient crafts with modern design, Robert Kuo's Cloisonne collection recalls the traditional enamel work.

All images are accredited to annsacks.com.
This post comes courtesy of Design Shuffle, where you can find and share talented interior designs from from New York interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle.

Thanks so much Design Shuffle! These tiles are beautiful; the first picture is my favorite.

Don't delete me from your reading lists- I swear I'll be back! :)


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