16 August 2011

A Guest post from Bon Temps Beignet

Today's post comes from the super talented and super awesome Liz from Bon Temps Beignet! (Love her, love her blog!!) I can't wait for you to see this cute project she wrote about for me! Take it away Liz!

Hello all of you gorgeous Inside-Out Design readers!
My name is Liz and I blog over at Bon Temps Beignet. The lovely and talented Brooke asked me if I would write a guest post for her while she finishes moving/packing. I am a big (HUGE) fan of her crafty projects and design style, so I was more than excited when she asked.
I typically blog about super cheap, super easy crafty project. Most of my projects can be made with supplies that you probably already have laying around your house.
Today I thought I'd show y'all an easy way to make a pretty, perpetual calendar. If you already have a picture frame, tape and scissors on hand, then this project will cost you under $5. All you need to purchase is the paper you'll be using for the background.
I wanted to make a perpetual calendar because I'm so tired of buying calendars every year. Aren't you? I actually cross my fingers that someone will give me one as a Christmas gift. That's pretty sad, huh? The problem with gifted calendars is that most of the time they don't match our decor. So I decided to stop crossing my fingers in hopes of getting a non-ugly calendar and just make one myself. And I'm nothing if not cheap, so here's how I made my basket weave, perpetual calendar for $3.45.

You'll need a picture frame (ours was a wedding gift), a roll of tape, paper in the color(s) of your choice, and scissors/rotary trimmer.
Not pictured: A sheet of thick paper, like card stock or thin piece of cardboard that's the same size as the inner dimensions of your frame. This will be what you mount your basket weave on. You will also need a ruler or measuring tape.
The paper I used is a canvas textured crafting paper.
I bought mind from Michael's for 69 cents per sheet.
The color is a watery blue called Cancun.
The first step to making your basket weave pattern is to measure the inner dimensions of the frame that you'll be using
The width of my frame was about 13.5 inches, so I just divided 13.5 by 7 (the amount of columns you'll need for your calendar). 
That number will be the width you'll need to cut the strips of paper for each column.
Mark your paper with a ruler or measuring tape. My columns were just under 2 inches each. 
Once you have all of your columns cut into strips, find the center of your backing paper.
Tape the first strip in the center of the backing sheet.
You want to use a very small piece of tape so that it will be covered by the edges of the frame.
Then, just add strips to the right and left of the center piece.
Once your have all seven columns taped to the top of your backing sheet, measure the height of your inner frame and divide by 6. This will be the size that you'll need to cut each strip for your rows.
Once all your rows are cut, begin weaving the strips together.
This is a super simple over/under weave that you probably learned in summer camp of elementary school.
Once all of your rows and columns are tightly woven, place the whole sheet in the frame behind the glass. 
My frame was a shadow box, so I crumpled up some news paper and stuffed it between the woven piece and the back cardboard piece so that it would fit tightly up against the glass.
The next step is the easiest part. Just write the month and days of the week across the top row, then fill in the dates in the correct squares. I used a Sharpie marker on my frame because it dries quickly and doesn't smudge. To remove sharpie marker from glass, just wipe with a rag dipped in alcohol.
When you have all of your dates marked, fill in with info like appointments, due dates (hello August 9th, I'm soooo behind in writing this post for Brooke!!!), birthdays, etc.
Then just plop that baby down somewhere you'll see it daily so you won't forget important dates! 
I put ours on the kitchen counter so I'll see it every morning when I make food for the pups.
I might just spray paint the frame or cover it with something to make it fit the kitchen decor a little better.
That's all folks! I hope y'all like this project. And if you did, please stop over and visit anytime!
Thanks so much for letting my guest post, Brooke!! Now hurry up and finish moving/unpacking so we can see how your decorate your new place!! just kiddin'... take your time. We'll just be here patiently waiting :)

Thanks so much, Liz!! I can't wait to make one! I guess it'll have to wait though, till I get my picture frames unpacked....



  1. Wow! That's being inspired for good! Love the idea! Will try it out for sure <3 thanks for sharing this lovely project!

    - Urska @ Live.Create.Inspire

  2. This is a simple yet wonderful project idea! Thanks for sharing, Liz!


  3. Love this project, thank you Liz and Brooke! :) xo