09 September 2011

For the love of Ikea

 I have a confession: until we moved here, I'd never, ever been to Ikea. I know, I'm like the last person on earth to go there. I'd heard how amazing it was; I'd looked at their products online. But it wasn't until I went into the store- that is so huge that the street it's on is named after it; and walked in awe through it's perfectly arranged rooms; and looked at the thousands of products designed to meet every possible need at home; that I finally got it. That store is amazing. I believe half the world's problems could be solved at Ikea. World peace is waiting just beyond it's giant doors.

We went there out of curiosity since we've never had one close before. When we left two hours later, Rob's wallet was lighter, and so was my heart. Ikea definitely solved one of my problems- or more specifically, my kitchen's.


This room has been begging for an island. It's been driving me crazy when I'm chopping something that has to go into a pan on the stove, to have to trek back and forth across the whole room to get from the counter where I'm chopping to the stove where I'm cooking.

All that changed though, after we brought this butcher block island home from Ikea.

 It's been life-changing. I believe that every kitchen needs an island, except for the tiniest ones. And this one has changed the way I use this room. Now instead of schlepping back and forth with chopped vegetables balanced on my knife, I can just spin around and drop them straight into the pan.

So thank you, Ikea. You've solved my problems. Maybe you can't bring world peace, but you've sure brought peace to me.


  1. i love ikea and your island. btw..moving is serioulsy a huge pain in the butt! we have done it 7 times...im so over it. good luck with moving in! i look forward to seeing your projects soon!

  2. It is the perfect piece. Gotta love IKEA so many great items like the island and so affordable. My sisters entire house is decorated with IKEA furnishings.

  3. Its perfect for that space. And the baskets are perfect did you get those at Ikea as well.

  4. Brooke, after studying the pictures of your kitchen, I understand why you need an island!

    As someone who cooks for the whole family on a daily basis, having a badly layout kitchen is a pain in the neck! I am glad Ikea solved your problem. I love Ikea and buy so many of their stuffs since relocating to Chicagoland. I used to live in NC and we don't have an Ikea there until recently.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the house. Hope you have settled in your new home. Take care! :)


  5. I have yet to go to IKEA....maybe someday.... now that I have waited so long I'll have to pick someone special to have my first time with :)

    Love the island. I agree every kitchen should have an island.

  6. Oh Ikea... that place kills me. When I lived in New Orleans I had a friend who would drive 6 hours *one way* to Houston just to go to Ikea. I could never understand why until I moved out here to San Diego and walked into that big yellow and blue box. Holy heck, that place is amazing. And the way they decorate those rooms?!? I seriously wish I had those skills.

  7. I'm so glad you finally got to experience it! That island is awesome :)

  8. That island looks great right there in your kitchen. I bet it makes your whole kitchen seem so much more usuable! Ikea is happiness.