14 October 2011

Cut-outs felt throw {Inspired by Lace Felt Throw}

 Ah, another project inspired by Pinterest. Why was I ranting last week? Pinterest isn't wasting my time, as long as I follow up all my pinning by actually putting the great ideas to use. {At least that's what I'm telling myself....If my house starts to resemble a craft fair, I'll know I've taken things too far.}

Anyways, here's my latest project, inspired by this picture I saw on Pinterest:

It's the Lace Felt Throw by Room 39

When I saw the picture of it, my first thought was that it was unbelievably cool, and my second was that it reminded me of those snowflakes you cut out of white paper as a kid. 

So here is my version:

Since the Lace Felt Throw reminded me of shapes cut from paper, I decided that's what I'd make my throw look like- a bunch of cut-up pieces of paper put together. 

I used 18 pieces of white felt

I folded them up like I would a piece of paper and cut shapes out of them

When I had all my felt cut up I arranged the pieces on the floor to figure out how to fit it together.

I was proud of myself during this project because I learned how to do something new with my sewing machine- sew two pieces of fabric together across an open seam. (That way it will lay flat.)

The arrangement of my throw got changed a few times during the sewing process when my dogs went racing through it and scattered all my carefully laid out pieces. 
I could have killed them. 

Here it is all sewn together:

After this I went around with the scissors and cut fringe in a few places, and trimmed up rough looking areas. It's far from a dead-ringer for it's inspiration piece, but it's got the same unique look. I think it's really cool!

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  1. Luv it! You amaze me! Miss your sweet family!

  2. Very cool project, Brooke! You always have the most creative DIY project!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Hey that's cool. I love the added texture.

  4. Brooke, I love this! I pinned this picture when I saw you post it, I am so glad you re-created it :) So creative!