03 October 2011

My very favorite parts about this house

The old switch plates....maybe I'm nuts, but I think they're cool.

The glass door knobs on all the interior doors....love them!!

There's even a skeleton key to unlock all of them.

The windows...
They have wavy spots in the glass and at either side have ropes attached to a pulley thing that helps them slide up and down.
Half of them don't open, and of the other half that do, it's always questionable whether they'll close again. But I think they're so cool. 

And the ridiculously pretty view out of them has got to be my favorite thing.


  1. I agree with your loves. The old light switch plates are just so much nicer and rich looking than the plain plastic ones of today. I've kept all the ones in my home and hunted down some from others who renovate and get rid of them. And those knobs and keys-so pretty!

  2. Love those knobs, they are very pretty and charming. And the view is fabulous too.


  3. Oh I a love old glass door knobs too! Once for a client project we visited a great salvage yard to find 17 pairs of glass knobs for the whole house! (it was a big home!) but the vintage look was worth it.

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  4. Those glass knobs are AMAZING! And the skeleton key is so cool. Do you display it by the doors? What a cool house!