04 October 2011

Thanks, Pinterest, for taking over my life

 I want to take this time to thank my friend Leah of The Dog's a boy, too! for inviting me into the super addicting world of Pinterest. I used to be productive during the day. I used to get things done. Now I'm finding myself sucked into hours of "pinning".

I'll be "window shopping" online, and pin something that I like...that leads me to perusing other things on Pinterest with the thought that "I'll only be on here a sec...." Before I know it, I'm looking up dizzily to realize that two and a half hours have blurred by and I have nothing to show for it but a bunch of new pins.

I'm really hoping Rob doesn't read this post. Yesterday I buttered him up with tales of my exciting and highly successful trip to CVS where I spent $5 and saved $30....ya know, just in case he wanted to know what else I had done with my day.

Why is Pinterest so addicting? And why the crap do I feel like I accomplished something after reorganizing my pin boards?? It's so pathetic. And so awesome.

So for all you fellow Pinterest lovers, come and find me. I'm there, pinning my life away.


  1. I have made an account but haven't pinned anything yet. I am too afraid to start. I know I will be on there for hours...all the blogs and facebook already take up a huge part of the day. The hours just fly. I will be sure to check out your board.

  2. I don't got to Pinterest very often, I just don't have the time. I went there only when I wanted a few specific images!

    Have fun pinning, Brooke!