28 October 2011

You Are My Sunshine

 I sing that song to my kiddos all the time. So I love this poster I got from Liz at Bon Temps Beignet.

I swear I took a before picture of that frame, but now I can't find it. I've had it for almost the whole time Rob and I have been married, but up until a few days ago it was a light wood color. I had it displayed in out first two houses, but for the past year or so it's been shoved in a closet because I was tired of it's look. But earlier this week while I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my cute poster, I painted this frame white to get it ready for it's new, more stylish occupant. (The last thing this frame held was a still life of some vases....nice but boring.) 

Here it is up on the wall in my dining room- LOVE!

The pictures above it are some drawings that my great-grandmother bought when she lived in Paris. (Don't know when it was...40's? 50's?? no idea.) Anyway she passed an artist on the street drawing pictures of some of the buildings around and she bought some from him. I love the mix of these two old pictures hung together with this super modern print.

And now since I can't bring one new thing into my house without it sparking a frenzy of changes, here's what hanging this poster inspired me to do:

See that tree in the corner on the other side of the wall?

I've been hating it there ever since we moved in. I always loved it in our last houses, but they were really light and had high ceilings. This house already feels very dark because of all the dark, heavy trim everywhere, so for some reason this huge tree in the corner was enhancing that feeling and making the room seem more closed in. 

So I shoved the tree in the corner of my kids' room and decided that for the wall it had been on, I was going to continue the look of the black and white frames that I now had on the dining room side. 

I love how it brings the two rooms together.

{btw the two baskets sitting so close together on the floor are driving me nuts, but I haven't figured out where to put the little one yet- it's full of dog toys. I'm ready to throw it in the basement!}

And noooow, for the changes that hanging this stuff sparked:

The white frame on top I just dug out of a box and framed a poem that I wrote for my hubby for his birthday a couple years ago. 
{He had turned 29, so I wrote a 29 line poem with each line written on a heart. So sweet & sappy. :}

The two black frames I got from beside the front door because I thought these antique maps would have the right look and muted colors for this grouping. 

So I stole the maps from here, which meant I had to figure out something new to do in this area. 

I like this new arrangement a lot better. I didn't love how "perfect" the old arrangement looked with all the same frames lined up in a row. This looks a lot less rigid. 

Look at this super sweet message that my son wrote- I found it scribbled on a piece of paper one day and I could have cried. I had to do something with it!

That's why he's my sunshine. 

Thank you Liz, for your super awesome poster that inspired all these changes! It's been a busy couple days (did I mention that I loathe hanging pictures?!) but I'm very happy with the results! And every time I pass by my sunshine poster it reminds me of these guys:

Me & my sunshines. {We have GOT to get another family picture taken- the twins are almost 1 now!}

*FYI, Liz does amazing prints; I highly recommend checking her out!!*


  1. I love the larger print at the bottom.. very unexpected!

    xx Liz Marie

  2. Oh my gosh, my poster made it into the same room as your awesome chandy??!?!?!? I just bumped way up in coolness points.

    I love how you mixed photos with handmade/drawn pictures. Super, duper sweet.

  3. LOVE the dark trim against the yellow and especially the dinner table! I would kill to be so organized!! Did a post today with you in mind, if you're not doing it already ;) http://travelingkisses.com/?p=1316

  4. I love that you incorporate a lot of meaningful and sentimental "artwork" in your home. I also spied some Halloween decor! Nice!

    Have a fantastic weekend, Brooke!


  5. That was great! And a big thank-you for the eye-level pictures.

  6. Congrats on your new chandi, it's beautiful :)

  7. awwwwwwww! I'm glad you framed your sons note! thats pretty much the cutest thing ever! <3

  8. I just found you today and absolutely have loved your writing and pictures. Looking forward to spending much more time with you.

  9. OMG (again) you have twins!