28 November 2011

Beautiful bathrooms

 No bathroom makes my heart flutter like the one I posted about a few days ago
But these are pretty fantastic too.

This one would make me feel like I was showering in an office,
but I like it. And you can't beat that view.  


I am so obsessed with this tub.

18 November 2011

A bathroom I'd kill for


 I don't even want to start listing the things I would do just for that tub. 
Sell my body. Maybe even my soul. 

I'm kidding. But seriously, isn't it just ridiculously pretty? 

14 November 2011

Stairs I want to climb

I've been pinning a lot of pictures of staircases lately...

I love the ones that have very decorative railings. 

Ditto for the ones with papered steps.

This is just...wow.

These modern, open stairs are so cool, 
but I can see my kids trying to shove themselves between the steps. 

The very traditional staircases are so timeless and pretty. 

It's nice how this one has the pretty landing halfway down. 

This is such a great use of space, and makes the stairway so much more interesting. 

I am determined....come hell or high water, I WILL have this someday.
I told my husband he has to build us a house just so we can have this staircase. 

11 November 2011

Homemade For The Holidays!


It's a fun series from Free Time Frolics and My Sister's Suitcase, and today I'm participating with some easy Christmas decorating ideas using evergreen branches.

Grab a candy cane and some hot chocolate, and come join me over at My Sister's Suitcase. Then, check out the other parts of this series you may have missed. (FYI in addition to great ideas, there's also giveaways!!)

It's right around the corner, so let's get into the Christmas spirit! Fa-la-la-la-la....

09 November 2011

Sometimes it's the little things...

 Like this little silver bowl I got at West Elm.

It was only $5 and the little sparkle it adds to my dining room is making me really happy.

07 November 2011

Guest post: Incorporating Ugly Heirlooms

 I'm so excited to be a guest today at Decorative Wall Mirrors, the blog for the site UniqueMirrorsOnline.com. {Check them out- they have gorgeous mirrors!}

I love my topic for today's guest post: how to make family heirlooms (or any other ugly stuff from family) go with your decor. Seriously, is there anything worse than getting some hideous gift or hand-me-down and not having a clue what to do with it?? Well never fear; before you become the family outcast by chucking it in the trash, read my guest post! I just might help you see those passed-down-for-generations items in a whole new light.

03 November 2011

Before & After Thursday

Check out this amazing furniture redo done by Diana at
Our Vintage Home Love.



When I first looked at the before picture, I was seriously wondering how she was going to make all that craziness at the top look pretty- good call getting rid of all that Diana! :)

This piece looks beautiful now! See Diana's post for more details and pictures.