07 November 2011

Guest post: Incorporating Ugly Heirlooms

 I'm so excited to be a guest today at Decorative Wall Mirrors, the blog for the site UniqueMirrorsOnline.com. {Check them out- they have gorgeous mirrors!}

I love my topic for today's guest post: how to make family heirlooms (or any other ugly stuff from family) go with your decor. Seriously, is there anything worse than getting some hideous gift or hand-me-down and not having a clue what to do with it?? Well never fear; before you become the family outcast by chucking it in the trash, read my guest post! I just might help you see those passed-down-for-generations items in a whole new light.


  1. Brooke, very well written post! So many fabulous tips and advise. Love it.


  2. Great post Brooke. I have many family heirlooms and you are totally right about making changes to fit your personal style.