13 December 2011

Peacock Feather Book Page Art

 So yesterday I finally decided that after all the book page pictures I've made for other people, it was finally time to make one for myself. I searched though the images on The Graphics Fairy until I found this:

I knew this was the image for me. 

In my excitement to be making something for myself, I got absolutely no pictures of the process, but I used pretty much the same basic technique I've been using for art like this- I printed out the image of the feather, flipped it over, and covered the back of the picture with ripped up pages from books. 

However, I did do this one slightly differently, in that the layout of the pages on the back was more planned. I wanted them to be kind of feather-like, so I ripped the book pages into strips and glued them to the paper in the direction that the feathers were going. Then, in order for it to actually look like a peacock feather, it had to have that signature circular design in the middle of the feather. So I made that piece separately with tissue paper and bright green scrap book paper. After getting the whole back of the image covered in the ripped up strips of book pages I flipped the paper back over and cut out the feather, then turned it back over to the book page side and glued on the big colorful "eye". (Anyone else think that's what it looks like??) I glued my feather to a piece of foam board that I'd already had laying around, then I covered the whole thing in Mod Podge. 

I love the little punch of color it gives this area by the front door, and after framing it here I decided to add another one...

That's a postcard from North Carolina that my Dad sent to me when I was ten and he was working up there. All the blues and greens in the picture look really pretty next to the ones on my feather. 

I'm just hoping my 6 year old isn't offended when he gets home from school today and sees that I've replaced his baby picture with a picture of a lake. He's sensitive like that. At least I left his cute message under it!


  1. Fun project! It turns out great! I love how you made it look so whimsical and modern, love that touch of blue and green!

    P/S: Brooke, I having two giveaways on my blog. Come by and enter if you like!


  2. Fun I adore graphic fairy!

  3. I've never heard of Graphic Fairy? I love your feather, very cool.