24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

I'm taking a break from blogging this week to hang out with my family. I'll be back after the New Year. 

Merry Christmas!!

20 December 2012

Jewel-Tone Christmas Decor

 Bright, jewel-like colors are super in this holiday season.

I think it's a really pretty look. 

Cassie at Hi Sugarplum! has gorgeous jewel-tone Christmas decor. 

You must go check it out! It makes me want to redecorate!

18 December 2012

Relocating A Leopard

 Not too long ago I bought this art from an Etsy shop called Blonde Lasagna

I'd put it in a big frame and propped it on the ledge next to the fireplace mantel. 

It was nice up there but I decided I wanted to put something else in that spot. 
So yesterday the leopard and the girl that's kissing him got moved to a shiny silver frame and put on the dining room shelves. 

I think they look so pretty in their new place. 

I'm really liking too that now each set of shelves in the dining room has a framed picture tucked back behind the items on both shelves at this height. 


I'm really happy with this little change!

17 December 2012

I've had this picture in my mind since Friday.
Thinking of it made it a little easier to send my 7 year old off to school this morning. 

14 December 2012

Fabric Picture Mats

 I have a bunch of scrap fabric left over from re-covering my couch
Yesterday I thought I'd mat a couple pictures with some of it. 

The first one I did was this family picture at the beach.

It sits on these shelves in the dining room:

When I first framed this I had stuck a gray piece of scrapbook paper behind it to serve as the mat.
But I always love the look of fabric mats; they just look nicer than paper or card stock ones.

So I used the paper mat to size and cut out the fabric:

Then I taped the photo to the fabric:

And popped it back in the frame:

Someday I may attempt to diy an actual fabric photo mat...you know, one with a cut-out in the middle that would sit on top of the picture.
But for now I'm satisfied with just setting the photo on top and calling it good. It still gives it a nicer look, and I love the little bit of texture the fabric adds. 

I also did this to the diy flower art on the opposite shelves. 

I used the flower picture as my guide for cutting out the fabric in the right size:

Then I trimmed up the picture so it was just a small square around the flower.

I taped the picture to the fabric:

And then stuck it back in the frame:

These were just 2 minute changes but they made a difference.

Have a great weekend!

12 December 2012

Emerald Green

 Sabrina Soto says this is the color of 2013.

I don't think I have this shade of green any where in my house. 

I love the way that it was used on this desk, painted by H.M. Settoon of 

This desk was the inspiration:

You have to see the wall his desk sits on also- it's awesome! Check out more pictures and project details here.  
I think painting a piece of furniture or adding in emerald accessories are great ways to incorporate the color of 2013. 

11 December 2012


 Yesterday I showed you this cute little succulent I found at Target a few days ago:

I saw it and could not leave without it (especially since it was only $3.99)
so I brought it home and now it's living on the mirrored tray (also from Target) on the console table. 

I stuck it in a little glass jar that I already had and filled the jar with white seashells that I collected from the beach back when we lived in Florida.

I think they are so pretty paired together and the shells remind me of home. 

The stockings are our dogs' btw...

10 December 2012

Meeting Sabrina Soto!

 Remember how I posted about the HGTV pop-up showroom that I discovered in the Mall of America last month? 
HGTV also has a holiday house set up in the middle of the mall that, like the showroom, will be there through the first of January. And all during the month of December, HGTV stars will be stopping by the holiday house and giving presentations, doing Q&A's and signing autographs. 
{For more info and schedules see here and here.} 

This Saturday Sabrina Soto, host of The High/Low Project, was there so I braved all the holiday shoppers at the mall so I could meet her. 

It was also my first time walking through the Holiday House and it's so cute!

Nothing about the inside feels overly Christmasy (the outside looks like a gingerbread house but in all my excitement I forgot to take a pic- dang it!) but there are subtle nods to Christmas everywhere, and the red trim paired with the star-burst wallpaper really make it feel like Christmas inside.

I love this colorful wreath made of paint brushes!

Here are more colorful brushes looking adorable in a jar on top of the shelves.

The house also has a paint chip wall like the one that's in the HGTV Home showroom

After looking around in the Holiday House it was time to see Sabrina! 
She gave an awesome presentation with decorating tips, inside secrets about her show (and just HGTV makeover shows in general) and tips about how to get your house a makeover on an HGTV show.
Then she invited everyone to ask questions.

Here are a few of the things I learned from Sabrina:

-Her favorite paint colors are Benjamin Moore Sterling and Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige.

-One of the biggest decorating mistakes she sees people make in their homes is hanging their art either too high or too low- the middle of the art should be at eye-level. 

-When you're watching a make-over show like "Designed to Sell" and the host and crew go into the house for the first time and it's a big mess- it wasn't staged to look that way. Some people just really don't seem to notice what a mess their house is! Updating and painting and staging all really help to get a house sold, but at the end of the day the biggest difference people can make is just cleaning up and de-cluttering. 

-Wipe down stainless steel appliances with mineral oil to help stop fingerprints. (Or you can buy a product called Carbona for stainless steel.)

-The best way to layer rugs is with a natural fiber rub as the base (so glad I've got a jute rug in my living room!). Sabrina hates rugs on top of carpeting. In her words, "...it's like layering a wig over a toupee." 

-Emerald green is the color of 2013.

-She HATES fake plants. 

I guess she wouldn't like this little succulent I picked up at Target last week:

It looks so real...but it's as fake as my hair color. 
I don't do real plants.

But anyway, after the Q&A- which was so fun!- it was time to meet Sabrina!

And you guys, I kept it together this time. The whole time I was standing in line I was chanting in my head "Don't talk too much. Don't talk too much..." I didn't want to have a repeat of a few weeks ago when I met Nate Berkus and gushed like a freaking fool. 

I did tell her how excited I was to meet her. And she was so super friendly and was giving everyone hugs which made me brave enough to hug her when it was my turn to meet her. I'd brought my HGTV magazine along with me for her to sign. She signed the inside of the front cover where she has a Target ad.

And I got to get a picture with her- I was so excited!

So that was my awesome Saturday meeting Sabrina! Did I mention how incredibly nice she is?!? 

I wanted to go back to the mall on Sunday afternoon to meet Genevieve Gorder, who is one of my favorite designers, but it started snowing Saturday evening and didn't stop until late Sunday night and I was too chicken to drive in it. Genevieve will be at the mall again next Sunday afternoon so I'm hoping to be able to zip over there really quickly after church while my twins are napping. 

In the meantime, here's what I did this morning in the aftermath of the snow storm:

I am loving all the snow!! It just sucks to shovel. Luckily we have awesome landlords who brought over a snowblower last night and took care of most of it for us. 

Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with my cute little Target succulent!