31 January 2012

There's Been A Change

That didn't last long...  

I wasn't totally loving the above look so today I switched things up a little bit again on the coffee table.

For a pop of green I added these apples

and some flowers from my wedding.

{The three of them look a little lonely in that tin...I may have to get them some friends.}

I also made a VERY necessary change...I finally took some silver polish to this cup.

It's amazing how much better it looks! I'm actually pretty embarrassed 
now that I realize just how dirty it was. Tarnish is a nasty thing!

I'm liking this look a lot better. 

 I'm living with this for a day to make sure I really like it,
but if by tomorrow it's still a keeper, I'm sticking a command strip under that 
tin of flowers to keep my twins from pulling it off the table every five seconds.

You should have seen my 1 year old son's face the first time he tried dragging the bowl off the table after I'd adhered it in place with command strips...he stood there pulling on it and yelling and I sat back and laughed. A win for mommy. 

30 January 2012

Black & White

My favorite color combo.

It's the biggest color contrast you can get, but it's still neutral, so it looks great with every other color. {Except I'm not really digging it with a ton of yellow, like the last pic...it kind of reminds me of a bee.}

I've got it all over the place in my house and I'm always adding more.

27 January 2012

Happy Friday!

 I had hoped to get a better post up today, but I ended up spending all my "blogging time" in the kitchen creating a masterpiece: chocolate chip smore's bars. I haven't tasted them yet, but from the looks of them they're going to have my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I love dessert. 

I want to thank Two Thirty-Five Designs for featuring my paper flower tutorial this week!

That's a great start to my weekend!

Have a great one everybody!

26 January 2012

Before & After Thursday {The last one}

 I've decided to wrap up this nearly year-long series, 
mostly because I'm getting really bad at keeping up with it. 

It's been real. It's been fun.

And I'll keep on featuring projects- there are way too many great ideas out there!
I just can't be pinned down by a day anymore, because frankly, 
half the time I don't even know what day of the week it is. 

I'm closing out this before and after series with a project that's soooo making me want to grab my paintbrush {and several cans of paint in various shades of gray}.

It was done by Tisha at The Delectable Home



I am absolutely loving this look. I haven't been able to do any furniture painting projects since we moved here, because without a garage there's not really a good spot to paint something big. At least not safely. 
I've been wary of shutting myself down in the basement with the paint fumes. Heaven knows I need all the braincells I've got. This super awesome dresser is making me tempted to chance it though! 

What's the worst that could happen? I guess I could die.

Maybe I should just do the safe thing, and pin this idea for later.

Check out Tisha's post on this project!

25 January 2012

Paper Book Covers

 Yesterday I said I'd be back with the details on my super easy book covers
that I made for a couple books on my coffee table. 

The first book I covered (the one on the left) is a Restoration Hardware catalog. 
The thing is massive. So I thought it would make a great coffee table "book". 

I would have loved to cover my books in a cool printed fabric but I didn't have any, so I did the next best thing- for this one I used plain brown paper and made my own print. 

I used the same stencil that I'd used for the design on the top of the coffee table- I thought it would look cool if the book had the same pattern only in black instead of white like the table. 

I traced it in pencil

then went over the pencil with a black sharpie.

Then I just folded the paper around the book and tucked it inside the front cover like a book jacket. 

My paper wasn't long enough to wrap all the way around the back cover though,
so I just taped it to the back and called it good. It's just going to be laying there on the table most of the time anyways. No one will know. Except all of you.

Sometimes I just don't have it in me to be a perfectionist. 

I love how the repeat of the tabletop design looks in black.

Months ago I bought some wrapping paper from Target 
and was trying to think of something to do with it.

It finally found it's purpose (or a piece of it did, anyway) as the cover for my other coffee table book.

Right off the roll, the print on the paper was just green and white 
and although it was pretty, I wasn't loving how it looked with the rest of the table. 
I thought it would look better with some black
to make it go better with the print on the other book, 
and to tie in with the black and white design on the tin next to it. 

{It's subtle but here it is wrapped with just the green & white.}

So after cutting the paper to fit the book, I again grabbed my trusty black sharpie 
and traced around each of the white flower clusters. It took forever. 

I love how it looks with the black so much better though. It gives it way more of a punch.

And now it looks nice next to the print on the black & white container.

So there are my easy book covers. 
I like how they added some interest to my table. 

24 January 2012

A New 'Do For My Coffee Table

 Ever since moving into this house, this tabletop's arrangement has looked really blah.

In our last house, when I revamped the living room and this table
I accessorized it like this:

But in this house, having those tall candlesticks on the coffee table just doesn't work- they block the tv. 

So up until last week all I had on the table was a big wooden bowl from World Market with a bunch of magazines thrown inside. Very boring.

With the new year, I wanted a new look, so last week I scrounged around the house for stuff to fill my empty tabletop. Here's what I came up with:

I decided to use the bowl as a tray, and filled it with the "like" plant that I made last year, 
a silver cup that I got at a baby shower for my oldest son {I know I desperately need to polish the thing- silver polish is on my Target list!}
and a black and white tin that a couple at our church brought us cookies in at Christmas time. I was even more excited about the container they were in than I was about the cookies (which were delicious, by the way.) I kept squealing to my husband "How did they know that I love black and white??" 

Oh and just a quick tip for those of you with babies and toddlers 
who like to grab stuff off the coffee table.... 
 My 1 year old son is OBSESSED with this bowl and is always trying to drag it off the table. 
I'm always joking that I wish I could just glue everything down....
then I thought of this:

I attached the bowl to the table with command strips before I added the accessories to it. 
Peace of mind. Tiny baby hands will not be ruining my table arrangement. 

Keep in mind though, that I've never tried these things on furniture before- so I don't know how it's going to affect my paint job when I remove them. I'm thinking it should be fine, since when used properly they aren't suppose to be damaging to paint. But since I'm using them a little differently than the norm, I'm not positive this will end well, and I don't want anyone else who tries it to come back yelling at me for making them chip their paint. 

But for me, the benefits are out-weighing the risks!

I'm not married to this arrangement, and I'm sure it'll get changed out or switched up sooner or later, but for spending zero dollars and finally having something going on with this table again, I am happy!

Tomorrow I'll post about the covers I made for the books on the table- actually one's a book and one is a catalog from Restoration Hardware- that thing is like a novel, and I figured it's too good not to do something with it!

23 January 2012

Buh-Bye Ugly Sconces!

 I did it. I hid them.

Here they are in all their 80's-tastic glory.

It would have been nice to replace them with some pretty new sconces, but I didn't want to spend any money, so I settled for hiding them.

The glass shades came off the wall

{what are those anyway...flower petals? Space shuttles??}

btw this project was practical too, since there was a problem with these sconces that we wanted to fix. Actually it was with the switches on the wall that turned them on- one of the switches was stuck in place so we couldn't flip it on, so every night our lighting looked like this:

So nice. 

So my husband replaced both switches so that both sides worked, and so that both sides would have an outlet, which I needed for my lighting solution.....


I'd had these shoved at the top of a closet, 
and I figured I could use them to hide the brass fixtures on the wall. 

They weren't tall enough on their own so I set them on top of stacks of books and like magic, those ugly fixtures AND the switches were totally hidden.

I didn't like how the black lamps looked though with all the dark trim on that side of the room- it already feels really heavy over there so the last thing I wanted was two more dark lines- even if they were thin ones.

So I painted the lamps white.

And after I was done I immediately started KICKING MYSELF for not thinking to stripe them to match the console table across the room.

How good would that have looked?? REALLY freaking good!!!

And it would have been so EASY since the lamps were already black
to tape off sections before I applied the white paint.


I HATE when I think of something brilliant 5 seconds too late.

It's not like I can't still do it eventually, but whyyy didn't I think of it when it would have been free?? (cause at the moment I don't have black paint.)

But anyways, enough of my ranting. 

My white lamps still look good up on the mantel.

And best of all, we have light from both sides.