17 January 2012

A 2 Minute Project

 I hope everyone had a nice, long weekend!

I made myself some spur-of-the-moment little book bundles a few nights ago.

I've been working on my mantle and thought I needed something for some dead space,
so I grabbed some paperback books, ripped the covers off and tied them together with hemp cord.

Turns out I didn't need these for the mantle after all, so now they're looking cute in this basket.

I could have made them look more "Pottery Barn" by ripping pages, crumpling them, soaking them in tea...
but they still need to be able to be read. Especially since they belong to my husband. 


  1. Omg... I almost started crying as I saw these. I'm a huge book lover so I would never rip any of my books, but these are just so lovely! Turned out really cute! :) Bravo!

    Much love, Xo

    - Urska @

  2. What a cute idea! Like Urska, I don't like ripping my books, too. Did your husband know about this? LOL.

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend, Brooke!


  3. hahaha, I am laughing at the other comments because I have no problem ripping the covers off of paperback books :) I just never thought of doing it before! I am SO digging through some of our boxes of books tomorrow. These turned out so cute!!!

  4. I have no problem ripping up certain books (my bf's huge accounting manuals are a serious eyesore!) - they are just going to go straight in the bin anyways so this is a brilliant idea!

  5. hahahahahah, I love that you used hubby's books. My husband doesn't have books. Just a truck load of magazines... and those don't look cute with the covers ripped off and tied into bundles. I might have to hit up the thrift store and copy your project. I like the neutral color and that they can take up a good chunk of space without looking cluttered.