19 January 2012

Before & After Thursday

 For months now, I've been obsessing over this ceiling.

It is just breathtaking.

I asked my GC husband how hard it would be to recreate it. He took one look and said, "Hard."

But I've been laying awake at night with hopeless fantasies about gorgeously detailed ceilings.

Then, about a week ago, I stumbled across the blog 
 and saw this absolutely amazing project. 



Spectacular, right?! 
And now my head is spinning with visions of this design up on a ceiling in my {future} house. 

Here's the post with all the details. Spoiler alert: this involves some math. So if you're like me and numbers make your brain shut down, then take a deep breath, lean real close to your computer screen, and chant "Focus!" Cause the math parts of this project sound like they're pretty important. 

Dana, your diamond wall is incredible and I'm super inspired!


  1. The diamond wall makes such a design statement! So fabulous! I am sure the math part is something I would rather not be involved in.

    Your inspiration ceiling is breathtaking as well.

    Have a lovely day, Brooke!


  2. Brooke, I hope our project gets you a little closer to your vision! Thanks so much for the feature. You rock!

  3. Seriously?! I would be too! (As a matter of fact, I think I am now :)) That ceiling is ROCKING!! The wall treatment pales in comparison but not much--really cool! Thanks for sharing! :)