23 January 2012

Buh-Bye Ugly Sconces!

 I did it. I hid them.

Here they are in all their 80's-tastic glory.

It would have been nice to replace them with some pretty new sconces, but I didn't want to spend any money, so I settled for hiding them.

The glass shades came off the wall

{what are those anyway...flower petals? Space shuttles??}

btw this project was practical too, since there was a problem with these sconces that we wanted to fix. Actually it was with the switches on the wall that turned them on- one of the switches was stuck in place so we couldn't flip it on, so every night our lighting looked like this:

So nice. 

So my husband replaced both switches so that both sides worked, and so that both sides would have an outlet, which I needed for my lighting solution.....


I'd had these shoved at the top of a closet, 
and I figured I could use them to hide the brass fixtures on the wall. 

They weren't tall enough on their own so I set them on top of stacks of books and like magic, those ugly fixtures AND the switches were totally hidden.

I didn't like how the black lamps looked though with all the dark trim on that side of the room- it already feels really heavy over there so the last thing I wanted was two more dark lines- even if they were thin ones.

So I painted the lamps white.

And after I was done I immediately started KICKING MYSELF for not thinking to stripe them to match the console table across the room.

How good would that have looked?? REALLY freaking good!!!

And it would have been so EASY since the lamps were already black
to tape off sections before I applied the white paint.


I HATE when I think of something brilliant 5 seconds too late.

It's not like I can't still do it eventually, but whyyy didn't I think of it when it would have been free?? (cause at the moment I don't have black paint.)

But anyways, enough of my ranting. 

My white lamps still look good up on the mantel.

And best of all, we have light from both sides.


  1. Good riddance. I am glad those crazy sconces are gone. Your fireplace mantel looks so much nicer with your new table lamps. I also like that you painted the base white.

    Great job, Brooke. Perhaps we will see some white stripes on those lamps in the future?


  2. Love the transformation! And not spending any money is always nice :)


  3. They're paper planes! And it looks about a trillion times better with the lamps.

  4. It looks so much better!!

  5. This is perfect! I was wondering how you were going to cover those up without ripping out some drywall :) The lamps look great... and I LOVE your striped console table... how have I never seen that before? It's gorgeous!!