03 January 2012

The cutest towel ever, and a room-changing rug!

 Hi, I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! I sure did, especially since I ended up getting two of my favs from my Christmas wish-list!

First up, this gorgeous black and white chevron rug. I am so in love

I love how the bold pattern grounds everything and makes the room look more finished. 

Here's the dining room before the rug:
{And before the chandelier}

They say every room needs some movement, right? And before the rug, 
this room was stagnant. 
Nothing looked like it was moving. 

Now, there's so much movement with all the zig-zags, that when I vacuum without my glasses on, all the squiggly lines combined with my crappy eyesight make me feel kind of dizzy. 

Next is my super-cute new dish towel from my wonderful sis-in-law.

My hubby couldn't understand why I was hopping up and down and squealing over a dish towel, but I am obsessed with these. I found them on Etsy and I think they are the most stylish dish towels ever. I'm loving the bright splash of green that this one's giving my kitchen. 

I'm thrilled with my two new additions!

I also had a couple other nice things happen in the last few weeks that made my holidays even brighter. One was winning a giveaway over at Mix And Chic for a credit to Affordable Lamps. I was so excited to finally win one of Jessie's giveaways; she always hosts the best ones, so if you haven't yet, check her out! Thanks again Jessie!!

The other nice thing to happen was finding out my book page pictures of sea creatures were featured by Jamie at Sew Rockin'. She's got a great blog so check her out also! Thanks girl!!


  1. That rug completely makes the room! Looks fabulous!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Brooke. It is so sweet of you. Looking forward to see what you picked using the credit.

    By the way, I really love that rug you got during Christmas. It really grounds the dining area and completes the room. So gorgeous and the size is perfect too.

    Happy New Year! May the new year brings you everything you have ever wished for and more!


  3. I love the rug and the towel! The rug -- just so gorgeous! I currently have a rug-less dining room too and I am trying to convince myself that no rug = more practical, but it's just so stark and unfinished! I'm going to have to save my pennies for a large pretty area rug. Where's yours from?

  4. THAT is a rug! I've been looking for one with a bold pattern for the baby's room. This might work!

  5. I love the rug! I'm obsessed with Chevron. Every time I see pictures of your home, it makes me want to clean mine:).

  6. The rug is definitely statement making...gorgeous!!

  7. I LOVE the rug! It looks amazing in your dining room :) I just splurged on a rug for my master bedroom... well, it was on sale but it always feels like a splurge when I buy something that is more than $50! I hope you had a great Christmas :)