24 January 2012

A New 'Do For My Coffee Table

 Ever since moving into this house, this tabletop's arrangement has looked really blah.

In our last house, when I revamped the living room and this table
I accessorized it like this:

But in this house, having those tall candlesticks on the coffee table just doesn't work- they block the tv. 

So up until last week all I had on the table was a big wooden bowl from World Market with a bunch of magazines thrown inside. Very boring.

With the new year, I wanted a new look, so last week I scrounged around the house for stuff to fill my empty tabletop. Here's what I came up with:

I decided to use the bowl as a tray, and filled it with the "like" plant that I made last year, 
a silver cup that I got at a baby shower for my oldest son {I know I desperately need to polish the thing- silver polish is on my Target list!}
and a black and white tin that a couple at our church brought us cookies in at Christmas time. I was even more excited about the container they were in than I was about the cookies (which were delicious, by the way.) I kept squealing to my husband "How did they know that I love black and white??" 

Oh and just a quick tip for those of you with babies and toddlers 
who like to grab stuff off the coffee table.... 
 My 1 year old son is OBSESSED with this bowl and is always trying to drag it off the table. 
I'm always joking that I wish I could just glue everything down....
then I thought of this:

I attached the bowl to the table with command strips before I added the accessories to it. 
Peace of mind. Tiny baby hands will not be ruining my table arrangement. 

Keep in mind though, that I've never tried these things on furniture before- so I don't know how it's going to affect my paint job when I remove them. I'm thinking it should be fine, since when used properly they aren't suppose to be damaging to paint. But since I'm using them a little differently than the norm, I'm not positive this will end well, and I don't want anyone else who tries it to come back yelling at me for making them chip their paint. 

But for me, the benefits are out-weighing the risks!

I'm not married to this arrangement, and I'm sure it'll get changed out or switched up sooner or later, but for spending zero dollars and finally having something going on with this table again, I am happy!

Tomorrow I'll post about the covers I made for the books on the table- actually one's a book and one is a catalog from Restoration Hardware- that thing is like a novel, and I figured it's too good not to do something with it!

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  1. Ahh, such a good idea using those strips! We have a cheap crappy IKEA table so I know we could definitely use the strips without worrying if they would peel off the 'black/brown' 'wood grain' sticker.