25 January 2012

Paper Book Covers

 Yesterday I said I'd be back with the details on my super easy book covers
that I made for a couple books on my coffee table. 

The first book I covered (the one on the left) is a Restoration Hardware catalog. 
The thing is massive. So I thought it would make a great coffee table "book". 

I would have loved to cover my books in a cool printed fabric but I didn't have any, so I did the next best thing- for this one I used plain brown paper and made my own print. 

I used the same stencil that I'd used for the design on the top of the coffee table- I thought it would look cool if the book had the same pattern only in black instead of white like the table. 

I traced it in pencil

then went over the pencil with a black sharpie.

Then I just folded the paper around the book and tucked it inside the front cover like a book jacket. 

My paper wasn't long enough to wrap all the way around the back cover though,
so I just taped it to the back and called it good. It's just going to be laying there on the table most of the time anyways. No one will know. Except all of you.

Sometimes I just don't have it in me to be a perfectionist. 

I love how the repeat of the tabletop design looks in black.

Months ago I bought some wrapping paper from Target 
and was trying to think of something to do with it.

It finally found it's purpose (or a piece of it did, anyway) as the cover for my other coffee table book.

Right off the roll, the print on the paper was just green and white 
and although it was pretty, I wasn't loving how it looked with the rest of the table. 
I thought it would look better with some black
to make it go better with the print on the other book, 
and to tie in with the black and white design on the tin next to it. 

{It's subtle but here it is wrapped with just the green & white.}

So after cutting the paper to fit the book, I again grabbed my trusty black sharpie 
and traced around each of the white flower clusters. It took forever. 

I love how it looks with the black so much better though. It gives it way more of a punch.

And now it looks nice next to the print on the black & white container.

So there are my easy book covers. 
I like how they added some interest to my table. 

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  1. You always have the most creative and most cost efficient DIY ideas, which is right up my alley. And I agree that the green and white wrapping paper looks so much better with the addition of the black sharpie! It pops out more and looks more defined than its original look. Great job, girl!

    Have a lovely day!