31 January 2012

There's Been A Change

That didn't last long...  

I wasn't totally loving the above look so today I switched things up a little bit again on the coffee table.

For a pop of green I added these apples

and some flowers from my wedding.

{The three of them look a little lonely in that tin...I may have to get them some friends.}

I also made a VERY necessary change...I finally took some silver polish to this cup.

It's amazing how much better it looks! I'm actually pretty embarrassed 
now that I realize just how dirty it was. Tarnish is a nasty thing!

I'm liking this look a lot better. 

 I'm living with this for a day to make sure I really like it,
but if by tomorrow it's still a keeper, I'm sticking a command strip under that 
tin of flowers to keep my twins from pulling it off the table every five seconds.

You should have seen my 1 year old son's face the first time he tried dragging the bowl off the table after I'd adhered it in place with command strips...he stood there pulling on it and yelling and I sat back and laughed. A win for mommy. 


  1. A small change...but definitely for the better! Love the apples!


  2. I love the green, and that little silver cup. I LOVE that little silver cup!

  3. Love the green and you can eat your decor when you're ready for a new look. I guess I need to go polish my silver.

  4. beautiful vignette. LOVE the apples-its amazing what a little fresh fruit and fresh flowers to for a room!