20 January 2012

A Vase Full of Paper

At Christmas time I had this vase filled with christmas tree branches, so after the holiday was over I wanted some flowers to fill it with.

I have a bunch of paper flower tutorials pinned on Pinterest, but I haven't found any for flowers on a stem. So I didn't follow a specific tutorial for these; I just kind of had the ideas I'd read about in the back of my mind and did my own thing to get them to work for a vase. 

These I had wanted to look like hydrangeas, but I think they look more like carnations. 

Here are my materials for this kind of flower 
(the scallop-edged scissors have almost escaped the photo- they're up there in the left corner)

I used the scalloped scissors to cut white tissue paper into little circles

{I made a ton}

I needed a base to stick them to, and I needed a stem. So I used the handle of a paper bag as the stem and cut away part of the bag that one end of the handle was attached to to make a circle to glue my petals to.

I covered one side of the circle with glue and then wrapped the petals one by one on the end of a pencil and stuck them to the glue.

Once the front side was covered, the back still looked like this

so I covered the back with glue and covered it the same way with the petals.


To make this kind I needed sturdier paper, not the tissue stuff. I'm nothing if not resourceful, so I put to use a big piece of paper that was bound for the trash.

I had been carrying this empty copy paper envelope to the garbage, then at the last second realized I could use it to make my flowers. Tree huggers everywhere would be so proud. 

I made this flower in layers, so for the first (bottom) layer I made six petals by ripping off ovalish shaped pieces of the paper and bending back the tops a little

(like this:)

I arranged them in a circle and stapled them together in the middle.

I made a second layer of petals the same way but slightly smaller and stapled them on top of the first.

And then a third layer...

For the center I ripped off a thin strip of paper and rolled it up into a little tube.
{I used a thin strip of clear tape to hold it together.}

I used hot glue to attach it into the center of the flower.

Finally I made a few very small petals and hot glued them around the base of the coiled piece to fill in the empty space.

And ta-da

I made a couple of this kind. For stems I just cut strips from a paper bag and rolled them into a tube, then hot glued them to the back of the flower. They aren't pretty from behind, but it doesn't matter since they're backed up to a wall.

And there you have it. A vase of paper flowers. 


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  1. These ate so pretty! More ideas to keep me busy while I wait :)

  2. What a creative and resourceful project! Adore your projects as usual. As a self-proclaimed tree hugger, I am very proud of you! :)

    I recycled stuff like paper bags, tissue papers and wrapping paper as well and made birthday cards/ thank you cards out of them!

    Have a good weekend, Brooke.


  3. Love the paper flowers!

  4. Pretty! And best of all, won't wilt! I'll have to give these a try. Very inspiring!

  5. Wow they turned out great! I'm so impressed with the final result.

  6. These are so pretty! I'll have to try it :) I made my book bundle last night (I didn't even feel guilty ripping the covers off!)

  7. Oh I love these! I'll have to muster up some patience and give them a go!

  8. Oh goodness, these are fabulous and a wonderful tutorial!! Thanks for linking up at my 365 challenge ;)

  9. These are so beautiful and creative! Great idea and tutorial