11 January 2012

The very ugliest cabinet knobs {live in my kitchen}

 So I know I disappeared again...everyone in our house has been sick and I'm slowly recovering. I thought that today, while I'm killing off cold germs by washing/bleaching/disinfecting every square inch of my house, I would give anyone in need of a laugh something to chuckle about.

I'm showing off my kitchen cabinet knobs. That's right; not only do I have bragging rights to the ugliest, most cone-bra-looking ceiling fan in existence, but my house is also equipped with the most ridiculous assortment of cabinet knobs I have ever seen. We have 9 different types of knobs on our kitchen cabinets, each one more hideous than the last.

Want to see them? You know you do....

First up:

The Cinnamon Roll
The Closed Swirl

Not to be confused with it's neighbor,
The Open Swirl

Then we have
The Eyeball
{There's lots of these, so it looks like our cabinets are watching us}

The Loopy Eight
(or Spectacles, depending on which way it's turned...it spins around so we don't know which we're going to see each time we come in the room. It's a fun surprise.)

The Hammered Square

The Monopoly Hotel

And then the real doozies-
the knobs that are shaped like food. 

I'm sure someone years ago thought they were such a good idea. 

The Chili Pepper

The Mushroom

And the one that beats them all,
The Garlic

{Actually for me it's still kind of a toss-up between the mushroom and the garlic.}

They are quite the bunch.

Since we're renting we don't want to spent the money on new knobs since they're something that's harder to take with us when we leave. There are a lot of cabinet doors in here, so we don't want to spend a bunch of money and then have more knobs than we'd need in our next house. Plus, let's face it- there's no point in doing anything with the knobs if we're not going to tackle the other giant eyesore in this kitchen- the cabinets themselves. So, we are living with them. I've shed my tears and come to terms with that, so you should to. 

At least they give us something to laugh at. ;)


  1. Wow. That is a huge variety of knobs for one kitchen! We've lived with all kindsa craziness as renters too, so I feel your pain! In the grand scheme of crazy rental possibilities, it could be so much worse!

  2. I love this post, you have such a good sense of humor. I have never seen so many different knobs in one kitchen. I don't know which one is funnier, the knobs or your captions/ descriptions. You just made me LOL.

    Thanks for making my day, Brooke.


  3. Be strong friend, be strong. Those are awful!! Try the habitat for humanity store...they have cheap ones!! :)

  4. Ahahah I like the 'monopoly hotel'. You could always stop by your local re-store and snatch up some less offensive knobs for just a few bucks :)

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