27 February 2012

Books As Art

 I snapped a picture of this page of a Room and Board catalog a couple weeks ago:

I like how there are books mixed in with the frames on the picture ledge just like they're pieces of art. 

I know some books I would love to do this with: Reader's Digest Condensed Books. 
They have the most fabulous covers. 

I got the above picture from the blog Just Something I Made. Cathe has a huge collection of Reader's Digest Condensed Books, and she has done some really neat things with them. Check out a few of her projects here and here.

As soon as I saw the picture on Cathe's blog I wanted to kick myself. I could have TONS of these books right now. My grandmother had a huge collection of them that covered several walls and as a kid I read every single one. Back then I loved them for all the different stories but I never paid attention to how pretty the covers were. When my grandmother passed away several years ago and we were cleaning out her house, it didn't cross my mind to take any of the books since I'd already read them all. 

Dang it!! I'm going to be scouring thrift stores for them now
 because they'd be so much fun to decorate with! 

In the meantime, I found one book today that helped me do a little tweaking to a tabletop.

I've been wanting to change things just a little bit on top of this table:

So this afternoon I moved the mirrored tray over to the left side of the table, and then started looking for something to fill the empty space next to the statue.

I wanted something with color...hopefully something bright...

and then I saw this chartreuse-colored book sitting in the stack that's holding up one of the lamps on my mantle. So perfect. 

I added it to the tabletop and set the black and white tin of paper flowers on top. 

I'm liking this better; it feels more balanced. 
Funny the difference a little book can make. 


  1. So when I woke up this morning, I came to your blog and read the 11 questions you've answered. And my day started off with some spray painting... But one question stayed in my head the one about your pet peeve. You see... when we moved in 3.5 years ago into our beautiful house. we inherited all of my in-laws crap. Some things where nice and some... oh my gosh WHAT WERE THEY THINKING. Well although i am not allowed to get rid of any of it. More more things have made their way up to the attic. One thing though... Our Dinning room set, I love it. I have however been trying to figure out how to re upholst the chairs. Anyways... Because some of the stuff was from my mother in law, she felt like she had the right t0 tell me where to put things... For example this rug. Apparently its worth a ton of MULA cause it was hand weaved by some poor slave somewhere. And because of it it was her FAVORITE. It was then that I started to hate the rug. Then she told me that I had to hand brush the little hair that sticks out of the end. It was then that I busted out laughing. And she also told me that I had to put it in the Dinning room. Well there goes my love for the dinning room. So for 3.5 years I walked by that room and cringed. I hate it. I know there was something off, but I kept telling myself I was being picky and only hated because the MIL loved it. Well today it made sense. My chairs were on their tip toes, in this ugly too small rug. ARGHHHH. I rip it all out. and exchanged the dinning rug for the living room rug. And guess what. I love it. I am however going to make that rug disappear when she dies. Mark my words. Thanks your blog was the last drop for me to change something that has bugged me for years.

  2. Love your colorful book and that little table--did you make the drawers have those snazzy stripes or did it come that way? So fun and funky. :)

    1. Thanks Erin! Yes, I painted the stripes on the drawer fronts- they used to be all black and the tabletop was wood. It's one of my favorite projects since it was so easy but makes a big impact. Thanks for noticing! :)

  3. I love the vignette you put together on that beautiful table!

  4. Love the pop of color against the black and white. A good day for you.

  5. Super fun!! My parents just moved and I inherited all the RD books! I love them!! I also love the book, mantel idea!! Btw...thanks for stopping by my little blog! ;)