07 February 2012

Displaying My Wedding Veil

 My sister is getting married next month, which has me feeling all sentimental about my own wedding almost 9 years ago. It also has had me thinking about my wedding dress, which I've been lugging around from house to house for years and which takes up a ridiculous amount of space in my closet for something that will never ever be worn again. I'm a fairly sentimental person and I like to save things that have meaning, but I really only like saving them if I can DO something with them. And since I have no delusions that my daughter will one day want to wear my yellowed and out-dated wedding dress for her own wedding, and since I also have no grand ideas for a wedding dress display in my house, the dress is going on Ebay. I have pictures of myself in it. Those are enough. I can't believe I didn't do this years ago.

However, what I would like to keep is my veil because it's something I actually can do something with in my house. (And it's so not the style nowadays so it wouldn't be doing me any favors on Ebay anyway.)

 This picture is dark but it gives a good view of the dress and the veil. 
Aw...there we are...

My gosh, we were young. And so in love. Look how handsome my hubby is. Sniffle. I'm feeling all sentimental and nostalgic now!

But anyways back to the present... so for weeks I've been racking my brain trying to think of how I could display my veil stylishly and in a way that would compliment the rest of my decor. I didn't want it to feel like I was creating a shrine to my wedding. I wanted something that would be sweet but still look cool and kind of unexpected.

Then a few days ago I happened to be perusing Emily Henderson's site and came across this room:

Do you see what I see? The "For Like Ever" poster on the far wall?

I saw that and a light bulb went off- it's such a fun and quirky way to say something that actually means a whole lot to me- my husband and I believe that marriage is not just for this life, but that marriage and families are for all of eternity. Forever. {If you'd like to learn more about that you can visit my church's website here.}

And see how the "Ever" gets cut off from underneath? I could just picture my veil puddled at the bottom of the poster, floating up and half covering the word "Ever". 

I had to make this. 

Luckily I had every single thing I needed, so making my own "Forever" poster didn't cost me a dime. I pulled a huge poster frame out of a closet where it's been stashed since we moved here. It had one of those thin paper/cardboardish inserts that all picture frames come with:

Flipped over, this paper was a nice, gray/beige (greige?) color; perfect as the base for my poster.
Bonus that I wouldn't have to struggle to find something that would fit perfectly in this frame. 

I printed out my words on good ol' Word, enlarging them so that each letter took up a page. 
I can't remember the name of the font that I used, but I did one that had the letters outlined in black so the center was white. 

After cutting them all out and arranging them the way I wanted on my board, I crumpled each one up and then smoothed it out again before gluing it down with a glue stick. 

Squishing up the letters first might seem like a weird thing to do, but I've found that when you print stuff out and then do this, it puts tiny white lines and smudge marks in the ink- a little detail that I like. 

After everything was glued down I arranged my veil inside the frame.

And here she is.

I love the way the veil looks behind the glass.

Here's a close-up of the detail I was talking about with the letters when you crumple them up.

I put the poster in the living room in front of the fireplace and I think it looks perfect there.

And since I love when things in one room blend seamlessly with those in another room, I'm really liking the way the background color of this poster looks with the color of my new dining room chairs

Little details like that make me happy.

Oh my goooosh I am in LOVE! 

Update: My two year old broke this frame :( 

But not to worry- I've made a new one, and it's even more awesome!

Come see it here: A {New} Wedding Veil Display
And see how Rob and I made it here: How To Make An Oversized Shadowbox Frame

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  1. I LOVE this idea! I have resigned myself to NOT having a veil on that special day, but this post totally has me reconsidering... So creative!

  2. Brooke, what a fantastic idea - very chic! Let me know how it goes with eBay and the dress. :)

  3. Wha a very cute idea... So crafty... I love being crafty and that is a part of me that I am missing. I am about to embark on a jewelry box adventure. I will be making it out of a bathroom cabinet I found at a yard sale. I will let you see it when I finally finish it. I would love to take some pictures. My Budget right now is very slim, considering we are going in this cruise thing next month, but my bedroom is full of my own furniture, that I love... And got it for my aniverssary one year, but that's it. So maybe we can start there. I need to accessorize it, and choose a new bedding. So I will work on those pictures and we can make it a new project, yay I am excited.

  4. So sweet! I love the design that the edging on the veil makes swirling around in there. Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love THIS! I love how it's not too precious, but instead sort of casual...lovelovelove. Andthose dining chairs - phew those are gorgeous!

  6. What a neat way to display your veil- Great idea and a great piece that is big enough to see when you need a reminder after a little tiff!!

  7. What a sweet idea!! I ♥ it!

    new follower.

  8. I love it, what an amazing idea! I haven't seen anything like it.

  9. This is so creative. Now I am wondering where I put my veil.

  10. Wow what an awesome idea! I was skeptical that a veil display could feel modern and cool, but yours totally does!

  11. wow that is really cool how you did that! and yes! my dress is taking up like 1/2 of our office closet. it is terrible! i dont have any girls either. so i dunno what i am thinking keeping it... let me know how the ebay thing works out!

  12. That is such a beautiful idea. I love the way it looks. So romantic.

  13. wow, this is such a unique idea, i would love it if you could link up to my party going on now at http://twiggstudios.blogspot.com/

    this is amazing xxx

  14. Are you kidding me?!? I absolutely LOVE this. So great...every detail...the saying, the veil behind the glass. I'm totally pinning this!! :)
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  15. This is so beautiful, Brooke!