02 February 2012

Fish Scale Design With Tin Foil

 After the wild success of my first tin foil project, I decided to brave another one. 

I have these two candlesticks on my dining room table that have already gone through a pretty big make over, but I've been wanting to give them a little extra pizzazz. 

I had the idea to do a fish scale pattern, using tinfoil circles, on those round balls 
that sit on top of the wood base. 

I will spare you a long recap of each step of the process...
basically I just used a hole punch to make about a million little circles of tin foil. This is dreary, tedious work and when the circle punching is finally done, each one then has to be unfolded and smoothed out since the tin foil curls up when it's cut. Two hours in I was cursing myself and 3 days later I was vowing to never do anything with tin foil except cover my leftovers. 

But when I finally had a ****load of circles, I used Mod Podge to glue them to the candlesticks, overlapping them as best I could to make a fish scale pattern. 

Here is the end result. 

It's far from perfect, but honestly, since this ended up being one of the most tedious projects I've undertaken, I stopped caring about perfection about halfway around the first ball, and just wanted to finally take back my dining room table which was covered in piles of tin foil circles. 

But now that they're done I'm glad I stuck with it, 
because I think they look pretty cool. 

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  1. I bet that took FOREVER!!!! Cute finish though! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Brooke, you outdid yourself again! The candlesticks look fabulous, love that little bit of bling!

    You should link your projects to other blogs to inspire more people! :)


  3. It looks awesome Brooke!

  4. Those are so freaking cool!!! I can only imagine how much you hated foil when you were halfway done :) But it was totally worth it!! They are gorgeous! Hope you have a great weekend... I'm leaving tomorrow to go down to St. George. I finally get to see Nat!!! whoo hoo!

  5. ok now thats too clever! but I would have never had the patience to do that. Its awesome!

  6. Oh my goodness, what an amazing idea! I'm wondering if it would work with other shapes. I have a ton of punches. Maybe hearts overlapping would be cool. Hmmmm....

    Your blog is fantastic -- I'm so glad you visited and commented. I love finding great new sites thanks to these link parties!

  7. I LOVE the fish scale look! How clever to use tin foil!! I'm in awe of them!

  8. I have been reading through your old posts and I have to say you have a really great sense of style and so much creativity! Thanks for the wonderful comment on my blog.