09 February 2012

It's My Birthday

And I'm spending it parked on my couch watching Nate

while I savor some of my favorite candy and read about the uber cool pad of my celebrity crush Adam Levine in Architectural Digest. 

This morning my amazing hubby made me a delicious breakfast of cinnamon roll french toast {Oh.My.Heavens.} 
and you should see the cake he made me. 
It's covered in Kit-Kats and chopped up Twix bars. 
Clearly I'm not shy about dessert. 

It's been a great day so far! Now if only Adam would show up and dance around my living room singing "Moves Like Jagger"....  A girl can dream. 


  1. Happy birthday Brooky Brooke! Live it up my talented friend! PS- I keep remembering and then forgetting to send you pics of my crate:).

    One thing is for sure...I will get them to you. One thing that's not for sure...when you will get them.


  2. Happy Birthday, my gorgeous! Your hubby is so sweet, you are such a lucky girl!

    I hope you have a blast and a memorable celebration!


  3. Happy Birthday Brooke!!! I'm so glad you got to spend your day doing things you love :) It sounds heavenly!

  4. Happy birthday!! What a perfect way to spend it!