29 February 2012

A Look Back: Living Rooms

 I love looking through pictures of the different homes we've lived in since my husband and I were married and seeing how my style has evolved over the past 9 years. I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts showing how each room has changed with each house, starting with the living room.

Here is the living room of our first house, that we bought when we got married. 
I was 19, so went straight from my parent's house to my own house, and this was my first chance to decorate something that was all mine, beyond my childhood bedroom. 

I jumped straight into the red craze and like pretty much everyone back then, painted a red accent wall.
Fortunately, mine was pretty small:

I absolutely hated that big cutout in the wall. It looked so awkward with the tv sitting in that huge hole, and oh my gosh, look at all the exposed wires!! It looked even worse from outside though- that big box stuck out from the side of the house and hung several inches off the ground, so it looked like it might drop off any second. (And with that gigantic, dinosaur of a tv, I'm surprised it didn't !!) The picture on the wall above the couch makes me laugh- it's like a mile away from the top of the couch. Plus it looks so small on that huge wall. 
We lived in this house for a year and a half, and I love looking back at pictures of it because that was such an exciting time for me. 

Here is our second living room:

We bought this house when I was 22 and we lived here for four years. The above picture was taken right after we moved in, which is why it looks a little barren. 

Later it got some red and tan striped curtains.

Obviously I was still feeling the red.

My favorite part about this room was the 2-story high ceiling, although I don't have a good picture that shows it. 

It was during our last year or so in this house that I started getting tired of red decor and started phasing it out. One of the first things to go were the curtains- I replaced them all with simple burlap ones that I made. 

My little brother would hate me for posting that picture- he wasn't actually opening a gift from Victoria's Secret! I'm just a lazy gift wrapper so had used the only bag I had on hand to stick his birthday present into. 
Since all these photos were taken years before I had a blog, it was really hard to find good living room pictures to put on here! And this one is the best one I could find of my burlap curtains. 

Ok, third house:

This was my favorite living room

This was the house where I finally got a clue that we had waaay too much brown going on and I lightened things up. There were a lot more things I would have loved to do in here (like curtains) but we were here for less than a year. This house we rented right after selling our second home; this was just a landing pad while we prepared to make a bigger move out of town.

My favorite part about this living room was how big and open it felt- I loved being able to float the couches in the middle of the room instead of having everything shoved up against the walls.

Even though this was just a temporary house for us, it was still a great home for 11 months and I have great memories here. Especially since it's where we lived when these two little life-changers were born:

It's also where we made the life-changing decision to forgo our original plans to move an hour away and buy a home in Jacksonville Florida, and instead move 26 hours away and rent an 80 year old home in Minneapolis, MN while my husband went to law school. 

Which brings me to living room number 4:

(as if you haven't seen enough pictures of it)

As far as my decor goes, I've just been continuing the look that I've slowly been evolving towards- lighter, brighter, with just little pops of color here and there. 

As far as the actual room, I'm loving having a fireplace for the first time. I don't love the awkward setup though, with the tv on that little wall. The whole room feels really off balance. And I'm not a fan of all the dark wood everywhere. If we owned this house, the first thing I'd do is paint all the trim white. I do love the big windows though. 

This has been such a fun trip down memory lane! I can't wait to do this again with another room!


  1. I love this post, Brooke. It's great to see how your living room changes during the different phases in your life. When it comes to decorating, we all evolve. Didn't know you got married at 19, wow!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Have a good day!


  2. This is awesome! I feel like I just re-lived our first 8 years of marriage :) Hahaha, it's so funny but I think we seriously had the same design taste... I had a red accent wall in our first house too. And that same picture on the wall!! I'm going to find a picture of it and email it to you :) Then, our next place I got a little better, but still had some red accent pillows (on our forest green couch! eeek!)Finally, in our third home, 4 years ago, I ditched the red :) This makes me want to to a post with my living room timeline too! And I need to respond to your question game too, I promise I will do that post soon :)

  3. Great post. It is fun to see how your tastes change over the years. I am in the mist of "getting the red out" of my house now.