06 February 2012

New Dining Room Chairs

 My birthday is this week; I'm turning 28. Just two steps away from 30. {Gah, how did this happen???}
Anyways I got an early b-day present this weekend that I am so stoked about: new chairs for my dining room.

Seriously, I think I cried a little when we brought them in here. They are so. dang. pretty. 

I've been wanting some this style for a long time and last week fate stepped in to make it happen. I entered a giveaway to Kirklands on the blog Mix And Chic and while I was browsing the store to see what I would get if I won the $50 gift card I came across these chairs: {Except not in this color}

This is the Seafoam Parson's chair and the one I fell in love with was the Sand Parson's chair, but it's no longer online. But anyways Kirkland's has all of their Parson's chairs on sale for $59.98, which anyone who's gone looking for a chair this style knows is a great deal. Since my birthday was coming it just felt meant to be, so I told my husband that these chairs were what I wanted. It was so perfect that he hadn't bought my present yet. 

Here is our dining room with the old chairs:

We got them when we first got married (almost 9 years ago) and I've been DYING to replace them. 

When I got the Parson's chairs this weekend, I got five of them, that way we have an extra seat on the far side of the table. Three can cram on that bench if they really have to, so now we'll be able to seat seven comfortably and eight not so comfortably. 

I know the babies' booster chairs kind of take away from the effect, so here they are Saturday night right after I had put them together. 

 I padded these things up with towels before I strapped them with high chairs.
These two will not get one drop of anything on my gorgeous chairs!

Here is a closer look at the detail on the side...love that nailhead trim!!

And nothings better than a chair that looks just as good from behind as it does from the front. 

Anyone else hearing the song "Baby Got Back"? Just me??

Because of the booster seats, we can't push any of the chairs on the far side under the table. 
So they all stick out like this

I love how they kinda feel like there's a couch back here though. 
Oh and who is that gorgeous, pig-tailed, unmake-uped person in the mirror who loves New York and is giving a peace sign?!

I'm striking, I know, but try to focus on the chairs. 
I am so thrilled with them.

 I plan on upholstering that bench eventually in some kind of a printed fabric. That way it will be able to hold it's own against the heavier, opposite side of the table that has all those chairs. 
And then the table will look perfect.

I think I'll go kneel down in my dining room now and shed a couple more happy tears. 

btw for anyone wondering, I still don't know if I won that giveaway or not...it doesn't end till Thursday, so there's still time to enter!


  1. I just realized I have the EXACT same dining room set as you. I painted my chairs black and I stained the light butcher block top dark brown. The original color of the chairs and table legs were green, but it's the identical style as yours, how weird? I still like the table, but I'm so over my chairs too. You are a girl after my own heart. Instead of jewelry for a present we want furniture. I love your new chairs. They are perfect and those babies are adorable too! Happy Birthday!

  2. The dining chairs look fabulous! I can absolutely relate with your feeling of joy and excitement when you get the "perfect" furniture for your birthday! I asked my hubby for furniture and home accessories for my birthday presents, too! I am so happy for you :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Brooke!


  3. You are a lucky girl... I have a huge house full of crap that is sooooo not me. The other day my husband asked me what my fav room in the house is and I told him the guest bathroom. It's the only room, that it's all me. And because I love it so much, it's always spotless. Actually I need you to come over and help me redo some rooms, by getting inspiration from my guest bath. Okay? That would be great. I don't know amist all the junk I got from my in laws, what I like and what I am keeping around just because I have too. I am lost.

  4. Brooke, those chairs are a beauty and you have them well padded! They make a big difference in your dining area. Thanks for showing them off!

  5. Holy wow! They are gorgeous! They've totally transformed your dining room. Wow wowowowowowow. And I still covet your rug. :)

  6. Beautiful!! I love that nailhead detail!

  7. Your dining room is so beautiful. Love the use of modern details, like the rug, and the traditional dining chairs. Awesome job!