16 February 2012

Octopus Map Art

I made this yesterday using one of my favorite images from The Graphics Fairy.

I've used this guy before, but I covered him in book pages. This time, I thought I'd use a map. 

I printed the image out 

then flipped it over and covered the back with ripped up pieces of a map.

Once my map was all glued down, I turned it back over and cut out the octopus.

...Oh my gosh, those freaking tentacles! I'm cursing and cursing as I cut....

After about 45 minutes of painstaking snipping, the octopus was free of the paper and I used Mod Podge to glue it down to a 9x12 inch piece of foam board.

Can't you just picture this in a thick white frame? 

I've got special plans for this guy, so come back tomorrow to see what they are!

Weekend Bloggy Reading


  1. Brook, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

    I LOVE this project you did here! Cute, inexpensive and so creative.

    Love you blog too!

  2. Cute artwork! Good job, Brooke! I can imagine the time and patience it takes to cut the area near the tentacles!

    Can't wait to see where you put it! :)


  3. That is so cute! I recently discovered the Graphic Fairy and am so glad I did.

  4. What a brilliant idea! I must visit this Graphic Fairy...

  5. This is really creative, Brooke! You're right, it would look so good in a thick white frame!

  6. How have I not heard of the Graphic Fairy? Super cute!!

  7. What a great idea! LOVE! And good gracious girl - you are one master wiz with the scissors!

  8. You've got some good fine motor skills going on! Brooke, I hope someday my blog will be as nice as yours....

  9. Oh my gosh, amazing!! I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open... that is so awesome!