15 February 2012

Weekend Update: Painting A Mirror

{I couldn't resist an SNL reference} 
I've been trying for ever to figure out what has been bugging me about my mantel setup and finally last week I realized that it was the mirror. It's so pretty but really hasn't been working with the new direction {get it Gleeks?? The tv show references keep on coming!} that I've been going in with my decor. It looked too tribal or something. So this past weekend I painted it white. 



Feels so much fresher.
 And I always love how much prettier really busy details 
feel when they are subdued by one solid color of paint. 

I wish I could end this post right here and say that I put up this mirror and it hung happily ever after, but alas, because of my inability to just be satisfied creativity I kept staring at it and imagining how much cooler it would look if I could only do what I REALLY wanted with it, and paint it a bright color. The one I'd had in mind is turquoise. I've got the tiniest bits of it here and there around the house so I thought it would look awesome (and still think that it would) to have this one big, bold turquoise thing up on the wall. 

But, I don't have any turquoise paint and I've used up all of my crafting budget for the time being, which is why I first did the next best thing and used the white paint I already had. But then, I had an idea...
My son's washable {-that word should have stopped me right there} Elmer's craft paints, which he has in red, yellow and blue. All you need are the primary colors right? If you've got those you can make every color of the rainbow.....

I mixed up my own batch of turquoise paint, and just for fun a bright green. Then I pulled my newly hung mirror off the wall and lugged it back down to the basement. 

dun dun duuuun....the fun's about to begin....

Sadly there are no photos of the ensuing destruction. I was in a painting trance, trying desperately to somehow make my self-mixed colors look like the vision that I had in my head. The funny thing is that I could see right away that I was ruining this mirror but I just could not stop painting. It was like I just had to see this disaster through to the end. So I painted and repainted and repainted this thing to within an inch of it's life. 
I wish I had taken just one photo. It really got awful for a while. Like it had been pulled from the dumpsters of hell. 

The mirror spent over a day lying in the basement recovering from the trauma. 

But, happily, it's back to white and back up on the wall. 

And I'll never again try using craft paint on anything but poster board. 
The lesson's been learned.


  1. Brooke! hahahaha I'm laughing so hard about the washable paints :) Sounds like something I would try. So glad I don't have to learn that lesson the hard way, thanks :) But for the record, I love the white and I think it looks very fresh. I'm a Gleek too! yay!

  2. Brooke,
    Thanks for visiting my site! I'm glad you did, cause I came on over and love your blog, so far! I think it is hilarious that you are so much like me, design wise. I want to change something constantly, because the creative side of me can never be satisfied! Funny, I was looking at my mirror last night and this morning, and planning on all the stuff I am going to do to it soon. I just bought it! And I loved it for a few minutes. And already I'm ready to change it.
    It's really nice finding someone else with this puzzling decorator's syndrome!

  3. Hahahaha! I know what you mean about not being able to stop even though you know you're making it worse! :) It looks beautiful in white!

  4. I'm with Kelly--I was gonna post the same thing! It's like somehow, in the back of your head, you hope that if you complete (what at the time appears to be destruction)then it will magically work itself out and become beautiful! Lucky you were using washable paints! I ruined a side table that way (it still sits in my basement--waiting to be stripped and prepared for try # 2 lol)

  5. haha oh no! I have totally done the "I can't stop now even though I'm ruining it" thing, on more than one occasion. A "trance" is a good way to describe it! It's bad. yay that it is back to white. :)