21 February 2012

You Light Up My Life

 {You do}

But so does this...



{Drum roll......}

It's going to be epic...............


YAY!!! Looks pretty different right??

So a few weeks ago I told you about a giveaway I won on the blog Mix And Chic and how I used my $40 credit to Affordable Lamps to get the above light fixture. 

I was thrilled because all I had to pay was the shipping, and twelve bucks for a light fixture is pretty awesome.  However, the light fixture itself wasn't my style at all so I knew I wouldn't be keeping it the way it was. But after a few days and a new shade, I had it looking pretty dang good. 

{If you're wondering where the rest of the time went and why it took me so long to blog about it, it is HARD to retrofit a lamp shade to work on a ceiling light fixture!! ...at least the shade I used. That shade went through a pretty big overhaul itself. More on that later.}

The one complaint I have about this thing is the exposed light bulb. I'm trying to come up with a solution so it's hidden. I can't close off the bottom with fabric because the bulb hangs lower than the shade so that would just be asking for a fire, so I've thought about a second, slightly smaller shade hanging inside this one that would hang lower than the light bulb. Kinda like this:

Or, I could hang some kind of beading from the edges of the shade, like this:

I haven't decided what I want to do yet, but I'll need to do something to hide that light bulb soon so that at night when it's on we stop seeing bright spots in front of our eyes every time we blink. (I keep trying to tell myself to treat the light fixture like it's the sun..."don't look right at it....don't look right at it...." but it's not working.) 

But for a total of $34 spent, I'm not complaining too much!! And I am so freaking happy to not be staring up at this thing any more:

That's right; the lost half of Madonna's bra is gone from my living room ceiling. 

{Will you ever get this image out of your head? Because I won't.}

But now there are no images of cone bras spinning above my head; 
just this cutie. 

And look! The mirror can stay because there's no longer a double view of something hideous!

Tomorrow I'll share all the details on this light's transformation, and how we got that shade to hang.
{And when I say we, I mean Rob...if it had been left in my hands, I probably would have hot glued it to the light bulb and burned the house to the ground. Thank goodness for a better half!}

Oh, and don't forget...

If you haven't entered my giveaway, do it now! There's two prizes so two winners! (And I made the prizes myself...seriously, what could be better?!) The winners will be announced this Friday.


  1. Wow! The new light looks fabulous! Brooke, I can't believe it's even the same light, you and your hubby both did a great job. Looking forward to the tutorial tomorrow!

    I love how you align the light with the mirror so you can now look at the light twice! I also love your solution to hide the exposed light bulb. I am guessing another project is on the way?

    Thanks for the shout out. Thanks for entering the giveaway as well! Wishing you the best of luck!


  2. I'm so happy you don't have half of Madonna's 80's wardrobe on your ceiling anymore! Now please get over to my house and help me fix my ugly ceiling fan. It looks great and I look forward to seeing the process to achieving the fabulousness.

  3. Wow, is that really the same light!? Looks great!

  4. This looks amazing Brooke! I can't even believe it's the same light fixture... wow. I can't wait to find out how you did it. {I have a similar lamp shade that I might try this with in my master bedroom redo, if my other idea fails!} I've never tried a DIY light fixture before, so you might just inspire me to take the plunge :) And I know you are NOT missing Madonna in your living room anymore! hahaha! You crack me up :)

  5. Just a piece of fan mail. You rock. Period. Your posts are always interesting to read, your style is amazing, and your creative talent abounds... Great work on the light! (and as I look around that pic I could also say that for the mirror you ruined--then fixed ;) and the uber cool "for like ever" thing from a previous post.)Yup, you rock. :)Glad I'm following your blog!

    1. So Hillary I am such a jerk because you left me the nicest comment EVER and then I didn't respond FOREVER!! I'm so so sorry!!! I just wanted to tell you how your comment made not my day, not my week, but like my entire blogging time! (if that makes any sence at all). I read it late one night while watching tv with my hubby and I paused our show just to show it to him because it was so dang nice! YOU rock for knowing how to make a girl's ego soar to fantastical heights. ;) Thank you, thank you for leaving me such a super sweet comment and I'm sorry for being a total arse and taking 4 months to respond! Hope you see this. xoxo

  6. As much as I love Madonna, your new light looks awesome! You are one crafty genius :)