16 March 2012

Another "Forever" Poster

 I love my "Forever" poster

Since my sister is getting married this weekend, I wanted her and my new brother-in-law to have one too. 

Luckily, I have an identical frame to the one I used for my poster. It's been hanging upstairs in the bathroom. 

This giant poster on the wall was my desperate attempt to make this pink and almost-purple bathroom look cool. But I realize that this remedy is pretty much the equivalent of a band-aid on a gun shot wound, so I decided to use it for my sister's "forever" poster instead. 

I didn't just want to make her the exact same one as mine though, so I spent a couple days playing around with the word "forever" and different phrases I could pair it with. In our church when we get married, we believe that our marriage is forever, and so the vows that we make to each other are forever. So I had that floating around in my head, and, inexplicably, the phrase "that's what she said." Doesn't seem like the two should go together....but how about this.... "Forever {that's what we said}" I love it. I thought of it in the middle of the night and I woke Rob up with my frantic whispering "Holy crap I'm a genius!" 

Once I had my wording figured out, I made my sister's poster the same way I'd made mine, using the back of the cardboard insert that came in the frame as my base to glue my letters to. 



I printed out the letters using the same font that I had used for mine (still don't remember what it's called). I like it because it's the outline of the letters, so I like that they're white in the center. Plus I could print them out huge without worrying that they were going to suck my printer dry of ink. 

I just used a glue stick to glue them all down. 

Here it is in front of my poster:

I love it! So sweet and so quirky at the same time. I think my sis is gonna love it too!


  1. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

  2. cute and clever, I love it!

  3. So sweet! Perfect wedding gift idea!

  4. So thoughtful of you, Brooke. You sister will like it for sure!

    P/S: Come by and enter my pillow giveaway if you like, Brooke!


    Happy weekend!