20 March 2012

Back From Florida and it's Spring!

 We're back from a week in Florida!

We had so much fun and got to enjoy all the things we've missed since leaving the sunshine state:

{the sunshine}
the beach
our friends
Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate ice cream (they don't sell it up here!)
our favorite Florida restaurants
and most importantly,
our family!

We had a great time and my sister's wedding was beautiful. 

Before we left for our trip I got a sweet surprise from my friend Holly from the blog My Sister's Suitcase.
I told her that I was busy getting ready for our trip to Florida, and a few days later I got this cute list pad in the mail from her. It's for checking off items to pack.

Inside the pages have categories for the different types of items you'll need to bring like "clothing" "hygiene" etc. 

I felt sooo organized! And unlike every other trip we've taken, this time I didn't forget a thing!
And the note pad is so cute I'm definitely not shoving it into a drawer now that we're back. I'm going to find it somewhere to sit when it's not being used. 

Holly also sent me the newest issue of HGTV magazine to keep me sane on the long car ride. I'd been wanting to check out that magazine, and it did not disappoint! I definitely want to start getting a subscription. I loved every page. It was full of great tips and inspiring photos. 

Thanks again Holly! You're the best!! 

We got home from Florida last night, and were shocked to see that while we were gone, spring arrived.
When we left a little over a week ago, there was still snow and ice on the ground, everything was dead and we were all in our coats. Now everything's melted, it's in the 60's, and there is green stuff every where!

It's nice having the windows open and getting a breeze through the house. I'm so happy that it's spring! We survived our first Minnesota winter!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time in sunny Florida, welcome back! That notebook is brilliant. I'll have to get one of those so I don't do my usual panic when I leave the house for a trip ; )

  2. I LOVE lists. The best one I found is the 'all out of' list from knockknockstuff.com. It is aaaawesome. And we don't have Blue Bell ice cream out here either : /

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation!!

  3. I am glad you had a fun trip in Florida and to be there for your sis's wedding, it's just wonderful.

    Holly is super sweet and thoughtful, love the note pad and the magazine she sent you!


  4. Awwww! How did I miss this post of yours? I feel like a dummy! Thanks for all the cute things you said about the package I sent and little green notebook :) I love how you used it on your shelves... I was just reading about all the rearranging you did!! Everything looks great :) I think I was kinda running on a half-empty tank for a couple of weeks when I was in the middle of all my American Crafter projects. I'm pretty relieved to be out of the contest now :) I spent the entire week with my kids for Spring break and I feel rejuvinated! So, I'm sorry I missed this post but I'm getting caught up :)