30 March 2012

A Bunch of Little Changes

 Writing out this post feels a little bit daunting because I spent two and a half hours making little tweaks around our house yesterday, and now trying to remember the reasons for each change so I can try to explain it all is kind of overwhelming. You know how you start out just making one little switch, and then that sparks something else, which then snowballs, and before you know it you're standing in the middle of 5 open boxes in your basement, digging through old decor?? That was my day yesterday. And I tried to snap pictures as I went along, but it was hard because I quickly got "in the zone" and was no longer thinking about being a good blogger, but just focusing on what I was doing. I kinda wish I could just have a camera going in the background on days like yesterday, cause it would explain my process so much easier than I can write it out! Just picture me dashing back and forth across the house, moving things, staring, putting them back, staring some more, dashing up and down the basement steps carting stuff up and down, and weirding out my husband when I'd stand motionless for several seconds at a time just staring at a spot in the room. (He's not usually around to see this process- I try to do this when he's gone!;) Well anyways, here we go...

So earlier yesterday I'd mentioned wanting to figure out a solution to this ugly corner next to our tv cabinet so that we would no longer be able to see behind it to all the wires and stuff back there.

My first idea was to take this big wooden bowl from my counter-

(Way back there under the window- sorry I couldn't find a better picture! )

and then set it on the ground next to the tv stand and put a big pillow in it. 

I took the bowl from the counter, which had been home to my dishtowels, and searched around till I found a basket for them.

Bonus that I now had tons more counter space with that giant bowl gone. 

Unfortunately though, my plan for the bowl didn't end up working. It was too small next to the cabinet, and the pillow that I'd unearthed from a box in the basement (and that I'd planned to recover)... 

...was too big for the bowl. So that idea was out. 

But I didn't want to put the bowl back where I'd gotten it because I was liking all my newfound counter space. Plus I'd really liked my vision of the bowl with a pillow in it. 

So I set it on top of the big lidded basket in the living room and stole the two little pillows from the small basket on the bottom shelf of the striped console table:

...And I had this. (And really liked it.)

But then of course now my console's basket was empty, so after searching in vain for something in one of my basement boxes to fill it with, I took all the magazines and books off my coffee table and put them in the basket. 


So then back to my original problem, that corner by the tv cabinet-
I tried moving that silver vase that you can see in this picture-

- around to sit in this area instead, but I didn't like it there. The floor is uneven and the vase isn't that heavy so it wobbled. 

So instead I grabbed the big tan vase that had been sitting next to the fireplace:

You can kinda see it back there...

It looked good with the tv cabinet, but BAD so close to the silver vase. So the silver branches from the silver vase got put into the tan vase, and the silver vase got carted down to the basement. 

So now I had this:

Like. All the ugliness hidden.

So *then* while I was down in the basement packing up my silver vase to get saved for a future house, I came across some clear, vintage looking (they were from Target) milk bottles. I got curious and started digging around in other boxes to see what else I had that I'd forgotten about and came across this palm plant with beautiful leaves and an ugly pot. So I ripped the plant out of the pot, threw the pot in the trash and cut all the palm branches so they were separated from each other. Then I stuck two branches into a milk jar and put it on one of the top shelves in my dining room to replace this plant that I've been hating the look of:

-It's actually a cute little plant, but it's shade of green looked really dirty and muted next to the other bright greens on the shelves. 

So anyways here's the shelf now:

I love it SO much more! Looks way fresher and all the greens go together better. (Btw, this picture will also show you what I ended up doing with the cute little list pad that I got from Holly from My Sister's Suitcase blog- it's the larger of the two books that are leaning diagonally between the stack of books and the bowl on the next shelf down. It's hard to tell in this pic, but in real life it gives another cute pop of green to the shelves. :)

I loved this look so much that I ran down to the basement to grab another milk bottle and two more branches, and used them on the opposite end of the house by the front door. 

There had been a big empty spot on the radiator after I'd moved my black and white tin of paper flowers to sit on the console table, so I filled that spot with the bottle of palm leaves:

I just love how the shape of the palm branch somewhat mimics the shape of the peacock feathers in two of those framed pictures. 

And then I just could not get enough of these cute milk bottles, and I also now had a ton of empty space on my coffee table after moving the stacks of magazines, so I grabbed 2 more milk bottles (I have 8 total) and split up the flowers from the vase on the coffee table...

...and put them into two bunches, one in each milk bottle. 

*squeal!* I'm so loving how this looks!!

btw, you may notice that the wooden bowl on the table is looking pretty different- my lips are sealed for now on that project though! I've got a guest post coming up next month about it so I'll spill all the beans about it then! :)

Whew! I'm exhausted just from writing all that- I feel like I just redid all that work a second time! That is my playtime though- I seriously love days like yesterday!  

Oh and you know what's funny- I've now left myself with a new "problem area"...

...the corner where the silver vase used to sit. I'm picturing a chair here with a cute pillow on it. 

And that idea, btw, sparked yet another little project, that I'll show you next week! :)


  1. YOU are too cute Brooke! I wish I had your energy and eye for decorating. You have a gift and I have loved everything you put on your blog! Can't wait for your next post and more info. on that bowl you were talking about on your coffee table :-)

  2. I absolutely get what you are saying. Sometimes, you have an area that bother you so much that you have to "fix" it asap. Most of the time, basement is the answer and I can totally relate that scenario of digging old decor stuff from boxes in the basement.

    I am glad everything works out for you in the end! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Oh my what a lot of moving things around so happy you satisfied with the end result.lol

  4. I love rearranging. One idea leads to another and just the fresh change makes a big difference! Your entire living room area is so sweet! Great job!

  5. You crack me up. I have that very same problem. Trying to solve one 'issue' I end up creating 4 new ones for myself. LOL.

  6. I took all the magazines and books off my coffee table and put them in the basket. wow . I love rearranging.
    for room share