21 March 2012

Ceiling Medallion to Mirror

 I wish, wish WISH I could take credit for this brilliant idea! But this was all my friend Laila, who texted me a picture of this easy project she just completed.

She bought a ceiling medallion sort of like this one from Lowes,

painted it black, and attached a round mirror that she got from Hobby Lobby for $1.50.

Such a fantastic idea!! 

And if you look at the reflection in the mirror, you'll see the other project she showed me:

She did a quick and easy update on her curtains by adding a couple rows of ribbon at the top. She didn't even have to sew it on, just attached it with hemming tape. 

So simple, yet it makes such a difference! 

Thanks for the great ideas Laila! {She really needs a blog, right?!}


  1. I love crafty friends! :) Great ideas!!

  2. Nice! That medallion mirror is so clever!

  3. Great idea.. it looks great.

  4. That is brilliant! I'm imagining one in kelly green, or bright pink....

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