01 March 2012

Framing A Towel

 Today I had wanted to post about another room in my house to continue with yesterday's series, but the day got away from me so instead I'll just post about a quick update I did this afternoon.

Remember this dish towel that my SIL got me for Christmas? 

I'm obsessed with this dish towel. And a little over protective of it.

It's never dried a single dish.

I may or may not have shrieked when someone tried to dry their hands on it. 

It just sits looking pretty in that bowl on the counter.

Lately I've been thinking that until I have a kitchen that's worthy of it's uber gorgeous presence, I should make it more of a focal point somewhere else.  So today I did. 

I thought it might be a huge pain to frame, but it wasn't. 

I just wrapped the edges of it around a piece of paper that was already cut to fit the inside of my frame. 

Then I packed the center of the picture full of folded paper towels before squishing everything under the frame's backing, that way the fabric would be pushed tight up against the glass. 

I love how it looks framed!

And I love even more how it looks next to the peacock feather book page art I made.

It also picks up really nicely on the green items on the coffee table. 

I'm loving this little switcheroo!

And now I won't have to choke back a scream because someone's heading towards my special towel with wet hands!


  1. You are just too clever! I'm familiar with that awful feeling of watching someone reach for a pretty towel to clean up a mess. My hubby once used some adorable dish towels to clean up car grease. Ugh. Men. They just don't understand.

  2. Very creative. Love the way it ended up looking.

  3. Wow now thats clever and creative. I will have to do this :) I'm your newest follower stop by for a blog visit I'm also hosting a giveaway!

  4. That's such a great idea! I see fab dish towels at Anthropology all the time but think, I could never use that, its too pretty. Now I can get them!! :)

  5. Your two peacock masterpieces compliment each other PERFECTLY! Job well done (and you don't have to worry about wet hands on your beloved towel).

    1. Thank you so much Linda! And YES that was my biggest motivation for framing it!