02 March 2012

A Look Back: Dining Rooms

 Today I'm continuing the series I started where I show how my style has evolved with each house we've lived in. If you missed it, here's the one showing each of my living rooms. Now it's time for dining rooms.

Our first house was really small and didn't have a separate dining room, so I'll skip over that one and move right to house 2:

This was the dining room when we first moved in:

And then a while later with curtains and some new tabletop decor. (psst- the candle is part of the same set that I still have on my table- so is the rectangular bowl! Crazy what a difference paint makes, huh?!)

Sorry, I mentioned this in the last post like this, that it's really hard to find good shots of these rooms. I didn't have a blog back then, so except for on the first day of moving in, I didn't just take random shots of empty rooms. Oh yeah and I hate what the shadows are doing to me and Rob's heads in this picture- we don't actually have heads that big!! 

But anyways, continuing with dining room #2...

Here it is after I'd added a bench to the seating, and after having the tabletop darkened:

And a view of it from the kitchen

Now dining room #3...

This was the dining room in the house that we rented for 11 months before moving here.

I liked how open it felt to the rest of the house, but because it was so open (and also because of all the tile) I hated the way the table looked in this house without a rug under it. 

Here's a random mirror shot that I found:

And near the end of our time there, when I switched out the tabletop decor:

House #4.... {aka, where we are now}

Here it is when we first moved in:

And now after many necessary changes including a rug, new chairs, and most importantly, a new light fixture:

I really, really miss having those shelves on either side of the tv and look forward to having a house with a living room big enough where they can go back in their regular spot. But for now, I do love what they're doing for the dining room. We've definitely been lacking in furniture for this room, so having the shelves in here helps fill it up for now. 

So that's it- the evolution of my dining room!


  1. I've decided when I buy my house, you are coming and decorating my home :) You have such great taste Brooke.

  2. I really enjoyed this series. It's fun to look at your home throughout the years! I like the darker stain on your dining table. Keep the good stuff coming, Brooke!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. hey girl!! i love your chevron rug! i posted my before and after dining room today as well!! CRAZY! ;) thanks for sharing!

  4. I absolutely love the rug!