05 March 2012

A Look Back: Entryways

 If you missed the first two posts in this series, you can read about my living rooms here and my dining rooms here.

I almost didn't do a post for this particular room because good pictures were so hard to find, but in the end I figured I'd use what I had, so here are my entryways....

1st house:

That's me so proud of my freshly painted entryway. My husband and I spent days painting our first house and we were so happy with the two-toned look we went with. 

This was the view of the house when you first walked through the front door

There were these shelves up high on the wall that I loved because it was fun to decorate them. 

What I hated about the entryway in this house was that it was kind of tucked around a corner and had no windows, so there was absolutely no natural light. So no matter how bright the rest of the house was, the entryway always looked like a cave.

2nd house:

Coming from our previous house with such a dark area by the front door, this one felt so refreshing because it was bright and open. 

It was right next to the dining room, which this picture kind of shows

{This picture shows something else too: that my love affair with zebra print has been a long one- check out my shoes!
One of these days I'll have to post a picture of my floor length, zebra print homecoming dress from high school!}

 This next picture kind of shows where the entryway was 
in relation to the rest of the house-
dining room on the right when you walk in the front door, laundry room on the left, 
then kitchen farther up on the right, and living room straight in front of you. 
We painted the whole house (except for bedrooms and bathrooms) and added the wainscoting before moving in. 

3rd house:

In this house the entryway, dining room, and living room kind of blended together into one gigantic room. 
When you walked in the door, the dining room was again on your right, but it didn't feel as separate as it had in house number two.  

This was the view standing by the front door.

4th house:

This is the day we moved in:

And here's how it looks now:

The front door opens right into the living room, so the only thing that makes you feel any kind of separation at all is the furniture placement. There's the gigantic radiator right next to the door that I've set up like a console table (since it has to be there, might as well make it pretty).

...That's it for entryways! 

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  1. I have noticed the first three homes seem to have very interesting layout and architecture. Are most homes in Florida like that? Just wondering...

    I like the your third and your current home with the open floor plan. It feels more open and I like the flow.

    Thanks for sharing your home with us!