07 March 2012

A look Back: Kitchens *Update*

 Just wanted to post this picture that I found today.

Yesterday in my kitchen post I'd only been able to find one crappy picture of the kitchen in our third house, but then today I found this one:

It's how I decorated the tops of the kitchen cabinets. 

There was a huge open space up there, so to fill it up I used large bowls and oil jars, and behind them leaning against the wall I set framed cookie recipes that I'd ripped out of a vintage recipe book.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a post about play rooms!


  1. I'm liking the trips down memory lane. Isn't weird how much our style has changed throughout the years?

  2. looks great. i love when you have open space over a cabinet. mine is full of stuff too. thanks for commenting on my 'cool' fans, you're my people! just to let you know you are set up as a noreply blogger. take care.