06 March 2012

A Look Back: Kitchens

 Have I said just how fun this series has been?? If you've missed any of it, here are the previous posts: entryways, dining rooms, living rooms.  Today we're checking out each one of my kitchens.

1st house:

Do you notice how we continued the darker wall color from the entryway over the cabinets? 

I mentioned in one of the previous posts that my husband and I bought this house when we were first married. Since I was only 19, this was my first time having my very own kitchen. Because of that, it was one of my favorite parts of the house. This room made me feel like I was really an adult. 

This kitchen was the size of a shoe box, but thankfully was open to the living room so didn't feel as little as it was. 

Notice the orangy glow that this room has... that wall color (which was the same through out the other main parts of the house) was suppose to be a nice sand color, but instead turned out to be very peach. This was  my first time picking out paint colors and I learned the painful lesson that you can't trust the color that's on the swatch. I cried many tears over these peach walls. Especially after my brother-in-law (who's name is James) walked in for the first time after Rob and I had been painting for days and chirped "I feel like James in the giant peach!" I could have thrown my peach-colored paint brush at him. 

Here is the breakfast nook/dining room. That's the same dining room table we have now, just minus a leaf. 

There's a funny story about those back doors....we put those in to replace the original sliding glass doors that my husband accidentally broke. Full story here, along with the cool way I used the broken glass!

2nd house:

After coming from such a small kitchen in our first house, 
it was nice having so much more cabinet and walking space. 

That blue phone on the wall just kills me though. What was I thinking?

Anyone who's bought a house from a mass production builder (like in this case D.R. Horton) knows that when you go into the design office to pick your finishes, you get about 45 minutes to choose everything, and then once you step out of the office you are not allowed to go back and make any changes. 

So I ended up regretting pretty much all the finishes we chose for this kitchen. 

One thing I did love though, was the wainscoting that we wrapped the back of the island with. 

Here's my awesome dad installing it. 

 I also loved how open this kitchen felt to the rest of the house. 

3rd house:

It was a rental and we were only there for 11 months, and I guess during that time we took no pictures in the kitchen because after searching forever I could only find one!

So there I am ginormously pregnant with my twins in my 3rd kitchen. I loved having a break from the wood-toned cabinets and the formica countertops. My plan had always been to replace them in our 2nd house but we never did. So it was great to finally have granite in this house. 
(Even though granite has never been my first choice for countertops.) 
One thing I hated about this kitchen was that there was a big wall partially closing it off from the living room, so it didn't have that nice open feeling that I was used to. I like to be able to see the tv while I cook, and in this kitchen I had to go over to the sink to be able to see into the living room. 

I guess it was just preparing me though, for house #4....

This kitchen is totally closed off from the rest of the house, except for a little doorway into the dining room. 
Back in the 30's wives must not have minded feeling secluded from the rest of the family while they cooked.

Not long after we moved in we bought a butcher block island from Ikea, so here's how the room looks now:

I've often stood in this kitchen and imagined what I'd do with it if this were our house.
I think I'd bust out the wall where the sink is and turn what's now the dining room into the kitchen, and the kitchen into the dining room. (and add a pantry so we could finally stop trekking up and down the basement steps 100 times a day.)
But, we're just renting, so I can only dream. 


  1. Brooke, your story reminded me of my first time buying paint. I remember going to 3 different stores (on alternate days) it was in the oops section I was so excited about painting each time I forgot I had already purchased green paint. I still have with 2 1/2 gallons of green paint left. Maybe one day I'll get to use it all.

  2. I like this post. Love seeing your kitchen in different homes. We bought our first home (we are now living in our second home) from DR Horton, too. What I don't like from the design center is not the 45 mins they allocated to us but rather the unprofessional "designer". There are so many options she didn't tell us about and I wasn't too pleased.

    Luckily, I know what I wanted and the process is a breeze. I had dark reddish brown kitchen cabinets (I wanted white) because the white ones are so much pricier.


  3. This has been a lot of fun! And what luck that you took pictures of all four places. I wish I had more pictures of some of the places we have lived. What a fun trip down memory lane!

  4. What fun to look back on each room of your homes. Isn't it great to imagine what you would do with each space. Love the butcher block island!!

  5. Your stomach doesn't look real in that picture! I miss you living in two of those homes! See you soon!