08 March 2012

A look Back: Playrooms

 *To catch the first posts in this series, see living rooms here, dining rooms here, entryways here, and kitchens here and here.

Now on to the playrooms....

In house 1 we didn't have kids, so there wasn't a playroom, so I'll skip to house 2:

My favorite part about this room was the chalkboard wall I painted.

This room was on the second floor and had a half wall that overlooked the living room:

I loved it because the toys and the mess were contained to the upstairs, but at the same time since it was so open, I could be downstairs doing my thing and Caleb could be alone upstairs and I could still hear exactly what he was doing. The only downside to this set up was the tv in the playroom that you can't see in the pictures- when we were watching tv at the same time that Caleb was, we could hear his and he could hear ours. It always turned into a volume war with us and then him upping the volume on our tvs to try to drown each other's out. 

House 3:

In this house the playroom was to the left of the front door and was the only room in the house that had carpeting. 

What was nice about it was that even though it was so close to the living room, it had the double doors that we could shut so that our tv's didn't compete with each other. 

In house 3, this room held the last of my red decor (pillows on the couch and the pictures above it).

You can see how I organized this room here.

House 4:

This house doesn't have a separate room to use as a playroom, and since we're really used to having one, it was worth it to us to stick all three kids into one bedroom and use the third bedroom in this house as a playroom. I don't think we'd do that if we were here for the long run, but since we're just renting this house while my husband's in school, it's worth the inconvenience of temporarily cramming all the kids together so that we can still have that separate play space. 

Oh and btw, it's never this neat. 

Well I have had a blast doing this series!! It's always fun taking a trip down memory lane! I have to take a hiatus from it for a few days though because we're leaving for Florida tomorrow night. I've got posts scheduled for next week but they're not part of this series. Make sure you come back and check them out though because a couple of them are some fun DIY projects I've done in the last few days! 

If I'm being perfectly honest, I'm not sure if I'll continue on to the last rooms that would be in this series...bedrooms. Mainly because I'm DREADING showing anyone my current master bedroom. It's so bad. It's a shame I don't drink because maybe if I was really smashed I'd have the guts and the loss of my presence of mind to post pictures of it. It's that awful. 

Who knows though...maybe I'll come back from my trip feeling super brave and I'll put those pictures out for all the world to see. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the rest of the house tours!


  1. I love it! I miss having a play room I hate the mess in the boys' room. Oh well... we are not going to be here for long.

    {Honestly I hope you do give us a tour of your bedrooms... that's the one that I have been waiting for. Our bedroom always becomes a drop place for everything. The other rooms always seem so much more important so it ends up with the boxes and crap.....}

  2. Speaking of playrooms, we miss ours! In our first home, we have a sunroom which is right beside the kitchen, so we added a gate and it becomes my son's playroom. That way, when I cook, I can still watch him constantly. In our current home, we don't have a sunroom so my son plays in the dining area, which is less than ideal. I miss having a playroom so we can contain all his stuff in that area!

    Thanks for sharing your spaces, Brooke.

    Have fun in Florida!


  3. This is making me want to actually do something with the play room we have in this house... the kids don't use it that often and I need to get it organized or make it "cooler" somehow! ha! Anyway, I hope you do your bedroom tour, come on, we all want to see them :) And have such a fun trip!!!