22 March 2012

Metallic Snakeskin Bench

I was in Guess the other day, and my attention was suddenly ripped away from the handbags when I spotted this gorgeous thing at the back of the store:  

A gorgeous pewter color, tufted, two rows of nailhead trim, and in a snakeskin texture.

Kill. Me. Now. 

I was quietly moaning over this thing. 
I'm sure the girls working in the store thought I was a total weirdo for snapping pictures of the store decor. 
But I wanted to be like "Forget the stupid purses- how much for this thing?!"

I would have given my left arm. Or maybe one of my children. 

But ooooh....it's so pretty it hurts. 

I have got to find out where this thing came from. 
Even if I have to sell a kidney on the black market so I can buy it. 


  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous bench, I would have felt the same way as you did If I had come across that in a store! Maybe that would be a nice diy project to tackle...

  2. That is one very gorgeous bench, love it! I am very much like you, Brooke. When I go shopping, my eyes will always be on the look out for beautiful decor pieces. I remembered seeing a beautiful Union Jack tufted chair at JC Penny and I wished the chair was for sale as well! LOL!

    Have a good day!


  3. Hey you! I've been MIA for the past few days on email :) How was your trip? I need to write you a proper email soon... maybe after my AC project finally gets posted tomorrow! I'm so glad you liked the magazine, I'll definitely have to check it out. This bench is to DIE for! I would be taking pics on my phone too :) We'll chat soon!

  4. GORG!! You should ask them what they'll do with it the next time they switch around the store. I remember from my retail days people use to ask that all the time. They might take your name down and call you when they are 'done' with it and sell it to you. Worth a shot.

  5. Fab!! wow what a bench - definitely worth a kidney. Enjoy your weekend.