12 March 2012

A New Life For A Shoe Box

I am in Florida this week, enjoying the warm weather and my family. Today I have a quick project to show you that I finished up before we left. When I was preparing for our trip, I had one item looming on my to-do list that I HAD to make sure that I got to-

This shelf:
(The bottom one)

You know when something bugs you so badly that every time you walk by you do a double-take and groan? That was this shelf for me. I've been HATING it. Those two stone pots just look all wrong in this room. I'd tried painting them to make them blend a little better with the rest of the decor, but that only made me hate them more. And I was determined to not have to come home to this shelf set-up after our week in Florida.

What I want to do with that shelf eventually is get another silver vase similar (but not the exact same) as the one on the bottom shelf of the other set of shelves in here, and get something white to go on top of the stack of black books. So I've been living with this setup that I hated waiting till I had the extra moola to go buy some accessories. 

But I decided I couldn't wait any longer, and one afternoon last week I ripped the house apart looking for something to fill that space with in the meantime. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 
So my shelf-filler choice was a shoebox. 

I saw it sitting in a cabinet holding makeup, and I just couldn't resist that zebra. I'm so predictable. 

I thought it would look cute (and more like decor instead of a box for shoes), if I turned it into a little planter box for grass. Fake, of course. I don't do the real stuff. There are enough living things in this house that I'm responsible for keeping alive. 

To make my grass I used 4 sheets of green scrapbook paper and one at a time, cut thin strips from one end to about 1/2 inch away from the other end. 

Like this:

Before starting that part though, I cut each piece of scrapbook paper into several sections, and then sliced them into blades of "grass" with the 1/2 inch base left at one end to apply glue to.

When a section was finished being cut, I used a glue gun to glue it to the inside of the box, curving the base of the paper into a c-shape before sticking it down. That way the strips splayed out and looked more like real {fake} grass. 

While I was making this I was trying to figure out what I was going to use as a filler at the base of the grass, but in the end I didn't need anything. The grass is thick enough that you can't see to the bottom of the box. 

And here it is on the shelf, paired with my silver zebra.

I love how the black & white zebra print looks with the black & white chevron. 

Eventually I still want to get a large silver vase to go in the spot where the grass is now, because let's face it, it's still a shoebox. But until then, I'm actually really liking this. 


  1. Now that's some creative thinking! It looks brilliant!

  2. Wow, the idea to use scrapbook paper to make grass... never would have thought of that! And I love how it looks with the silver zebra :) Hope you are having fun in Florida!

  3. brilliant idea.. i love how the Zebra pattern goes so well with your chevron carpet.... amazing !!

  4. Brooke, you are always the creative one! Who would have thought of using scrapbook paper to make fake grass? And it turns out to be totally stylish and fabulous! Love this project! Your kids are so cute, by the way!

    Have fun in Florida!