25 April 2012

Decorating With Mirrors- Guest Post From Dulles Glass And Mirror

Who doesn't love a day off? Today I'm getting a break from blogging with a guest post from a writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror

photo via alvhemmakleri.se

 When it comes to decorating with mirrors, there are several tricks of the trade. One of the biggest tricks is placing the mirror directly across from a window. Nothing brightens oneís home like sunlight reflecting off the mirror and spilling into a room. Itís like having an additional window, while adding depth to the room.

photo via potterybarn.com

 Consider some atypical mirror applications. Aside from generic unframed wall mirrors, there is now designer mirrored furniture, such as the one pictured above (from Pottery Barn). Mirrored furniture works well in a bedroom to make the space feel larger and reflect both natural and artificial light.

photo via ballarddesigns.com

 photo via hgtv.com

 If you have an interesting flower arrangement on your mantel, consider having a fireplace mirror behind it. Such mirrors double as decorative art, and are the perfect focal point for your fireplace mantle.

photo via westermanfam.blogspot.com - diy

 oly studio fiona mirror - photo via laylagrayce.com

 Do It Yourself verses Buy it Like Everyone Else. Hereís an example of similar sunburst mirrors. Can you guess which one cost $26 to make, and the other is a several hundred dollar designer mirror? Theyíre both trendy and will add uniqueness to your room. And the good thing about doing it yourself aside from saving money, is that youíre the designer. Make it your own. Speaking of art, consider using mirrors opposite of art work. This makes it look like you have an art picture gallery in your home. Mirrors can also be used to double the size of a room. A wall-length mirror placed at the end of room will double its space and extend reality. This may require a custom mirrored wall installation, but the results will make your space look roomy. Lastly, think outside the box. Glass and mirror companies can now do custom-cut mirrors. This means in any geometric shape you can think of. Mirrors can be cut to any template, so this means you can truly have a one of a kind mirror piece.

  About the Author Shahab Shokouhi is a Writer at Dulles Glass and Mirror -- a manufacturer of commercial and residential glass products including tempered glass, glass table tops, and vanity mirrors.  


  1. I love mirrors and all of the ones you highlighted today! The sunburst is fantastic and seems like a fun DIY project to try!!

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