02 April 2012

Girls, Hang On To Your Skirts!

 Because you can make cute pillows with them!

I got this pretty skirt from Express YEARS ago and sadly, after 3 kids it just doesn't zip the way it used to. :(

But I've been holding on to it because I love the fabric. I swear, it's like it was made for my house. So last week I got the idea to make some pillows with it. 

I already had a small pillow form that needed a new cover, so that's what I used for my first pillow.

I cut the front panel off of my skirt

Then followed this envelope pillow cover tutorial for taking my measurements and cutting the fabric.

For the front of my cover I used the skirt fabric, and for the back I used an old sheet that is the same color as the darkest tan flowers on the skirt. 

Here are my pieces inside out and sewn all the way around. (For a more detailed tutorial for making this type of cover go here.)

And here it is on the pillow. It was a little flat looking because the pillow was old so I ended up cutting the pillow open and adding some stuffing. So it's not this thin now. 

After making my first pillow I wanted another one, so I cut another piece off the sheet that I'd used as the backing for my first pillow. 

I cut two thick strips of the skirt fabric and laid them over the sheet, positioning them the way I wanted the front of my pillow to look.

I cut out both sections of sheet from under the skirt pieces

...and discarded those two pieces of sheet fabric, so that I was left with 5 separate panels.

Starting at one end, I flipped the end piece over the printed fabric so both right sides were facing each other, then I sewed them together at the edge. 

I attached each piece of fabric the same way till I had my whole front piece. 

I cut a piece of the sheet as a backing and with right-sides facing each other, sewed the front and back all the way around, leaving a small space to turn the pillow right side out and stuff it. 

Enter this stuffed lion, that my kids recently ripped several holes in:

I could have trashed him {or repaired him- but who wants to take the time to do that!?} 
but instead I've been saving him, knowing that his insides would make great stuffing for some future project. I figure he's saving me like ten bucks in polyfill- score!

So anyways, Mr. Lion donated like 50% of his innards to my pillow. 

And here is the finished result! I love that with this project, I gave new life to a skirt, a sheet, and a stuffed animal! 

My two cute pillows living it up on the couch. 

I love this fabric with all the other green stuff around. And it's such a sweet contrast to the zebra. 

At least if I can't wear my skirt anymore, my couch can!

Next time you clean out your closets, make sure you save the stuff that goes with your decor!


  1. You are always the creative one, Brooke. I have so many pretty skirts that don't fit anymore, now I know what to do with them! Thanks for the inspiration. Your pillows look great, by the way!


  2. Just found your blog and I must say, I'm so impressed. This post has me thinking about some of my own old clothes and how to use them! I hope you will check out my blog!
    xo Your newest follower

  3. Lol! I think I really needed to see this! I never throw old clothes out in the hopes that I can do something like this with them but I am never motivated enough! You have just given me the kick I needed to get off my butt!

  4. The cutest recycling ever! Love.

  5. Thrifty on many levels...love it!

  6. This is such a cute idea! I'm going to have to start shopping the skirt racks at thrift stores to see if there are any with fabric I like. In some cases it would probably be cheaper than buying fabric!

  7. This is so creative and smart. Who would have known to recycle a skirt and turn into a beautiful pillow! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Good for you for keeping that skirt :) Using it as an accent stripe, instead of the whole pattern actually draws your attention to it more--great job! Picked this as a fave of mine from Ginger Snap Craft's party.

  9. I love this I like the zebra pillows as well lol! Hi I am a new follower from http://craftyhousemom.blogspot.com would love it if you visited