24 April 2012

Gravity-Defying Stairs

 I love the look of traditional-style staircases, but the ones that look like they are practically floating off the ground are blowing me away.

In last month's HGTV magazine there were photos of Genevieve Gorder's home and she has floating stairs: 

btw, I could not find the photos on HGTV magazine's site, so had to settle for this crappy one from Google images. :(

Since Genevieve has a young daughter I would have loved it if the article on her home had included something about how she keeps her daughter from leaping off the side of the stairs. 

These don't seem all that practical for young children but I love them anyway. I'd feel like I was walking up a set of shelves. 


  1. Floating stairs are so beautiful although not the most practical especially when you have kids! The first and second one are my faves!

    Have a good week, Brooke!


  2. A spill off of those would not end well. But they sure are beautiful. I'll put them on my 'after the kids move out' list. :)

  3. I found a link with a picture of Genevieve with her daughter that said she is adding a glass panel for safety. I would have thought that would have been done already but that's just my opinion. Check out this link for the pictures: http://www.stylelist.com/2012/01/25/hgtv-genevieve-gorder-home_n_1230423.html#s637549

    1. Hey, thanks so much for sending this link! I think it's smart that she's adding the glass, and like you am surprised that that didn't get done during the initial renovation. I love the look of the stairs the way they are, but I'd never be able to relax with my kids on them!