19 April 2012

Egg Shell Veneered Notebook: Guest Post at My Sister's Suitcase

 Today is a very special day:

It's my hubby and I's 9 year wedding anniversary. 

The day after we were married. We both look like we're about twelve! 

Today is also a special day because I'm over at Holly & Nat's blog
with a guest post about this project:

Yes....I've shellacked something in eggshells again...

My guest post is part of Nat & Holly's Girls Just Want To Have Fun week, which is going to end in an epic giveaway!!

So come check out my guest post and then be sure to enter the giveaway if you haven't already! Details are here


  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary! You are so right, a good husband is the best present that keeps on giving.

  2. You are way too young to be married for 9 years already!! Happy Anniversary Brooke and hubby!!

    1. LOL I know!! I was 19!!! I look back now and can't believe how young I was! luckily I made a good decision with my husband choice! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you guys went out and did something fun :)