26 April 2012

A Mantel Update

 I've decided that my next big project (which I'm hoping to tackle this summer) is going to be turning my coffee table into an upholstered ottoman. You may remember a while back when I gave it a make over with paint and a stencil and I loved it...



It was so pretty for a while but then really got beat up during our move from Florida to Minnesota. So it's not looking so hot anymore. 

This is kind of a long intro just to show a quick mantel update but I had to give the background because my coffee table plan is what sparked the addition to the mantel. Yesterday while I was contemplating my upcoming project, I started wondering what I would do with the two glass bottles of lilies on my coffee table once it was no longer a table. 

The bowl will be fine on an ottoman but there's no way those little glass bottles will be able to balance. So I started looking around for a new place to put them. The mantel was the first {and last} place I tried, and it was perfect. 

I love how the flowers on either end soften up the look of the edges of the mantel since it's display no longer ends in hard lines on both sides (the lamps). And having the flowers there makes the mantel look bigger because they extend your view out farther on either side. I really can't believe what a difference such a small change made. After I stuck the flowers up there I stepped back and shrieked "THE WHOLE FIREPLACE LOOKS BIGGER!!" 

This area has come a long way from when we first moved in:

Ack. I'm so happy to be rid of those awful sconces

Now I can say that I'm almost totally satisfied with our mantel. And I say almost because it just needs one small thing on one side to throw off the perfect symmetry just a little bit. 

I'm all about balance and I love things to be symmetrical, but when things are so matchy that you could fold the fireplace down the center and have it look exactly the same on either side, then that's a little boring. So I need to find something small to mix things up a little. 

The look of the mantel is really natural right now with all the flowers, and the wood and the soft colors, so I want to find something totally opposite of that so that it looks unexpected and stands out.

So now that's my fun quest....I'm going to start my search after lunch today!


  1. It looks fantastic! I love the mirror. :) Megan

  2. Looking forward to see your upholstered ottoman, it sounds like an interesting project! Can't wait to see your mantel's newest addition!


  3. I've been wanting to make an ottoman for ages now so I will definitely be checking in to see how it goes!

  4. Yeah! I'm so behind you on the upholstered ottoman. I know its going to look great. And I love how you camouflaged the outlets on your mantel. Your updates are going to be sweet. Can't wait to see what you do.

  5. I like your thinkin'. The mantel is much improved and I can't wait to see how you create this ottoman you've dreamed up.