04 April 2012

Target Finds

Just like in my post a few days ago, where one small change around my house usually snowballs into several changes- when I'm at the store, usually the purchase of one small item will snowball into the purchase of (or at least desire for) several others. And no store does this to me like Target. They are just so awesomely CHEAP! And they have so much stuff that goes so WELL together. But, none of it is together, so I'll find one thing, then several isles later find what looks like it should be my first item's long-lost sibling, and the fact that they've been separated makes me feel even more like I need to put them together, and then five isles down I find something else that goes so perfectly with my first two items that I could just scream, until finally, I'm living this situation:

I swear there is some hypnotic power in that bullseye. 

So anyways Saturday was this kind of a Target trip for me. Luckily though, I had a gift card so my wallet didn't have to take a hit!

It all started with finding a drapery panel in this fabric:

I saw it and my mouth dropped open because it's just such a pretty shade of blue and I knew it would be a gorgeous accent color along with the bright green that I already have around. Do I need drapes? No. (Actually I do but I've decided not to get them for this house.) But I've been wanting to cover the bench in my dining room and as soon as I saw these pretty drapes I knew this would be a great fabric for my bench. 

So after throwing it into my cart I wandered a while and came across this lamp shade that stopped me in my tracks because the blue was the same shade as the curtain panel and the design was totally different but had a similar enough shape that it mimicked the fabric design. Too perfect. So I grabbed the shade, and then of course needed a base to go with it, so I found a clear glass one in a teardrop shape and the two were so pretty together I felt weak in the knees. 

{Here it is at home on my console table. Love!}

So then just as I was wheeling my cart towards the front of the store chanting "Get the H out of here" I passed this thing and brought my cart to a screeching halt:

Again with the same blue color and the shape that hinted at the patterns in both my drapery fabric and my lamp shade. AND it was on clearance. Too freaking perfect. 

I drove home with stars in my eyes and singing Target's praises.

I haven't got my bench upholstered yet, but I am just LOVING my lamp and that...blue thing...!

The lamp got put on the console table which has been great because we were desperately needing some light by the front door. 

{Here is how the table looked before}

The statue of Christ got moved to the radiator on the other side of the front door.

And then I just moved the mirrored tray to the other side of the table so that the lamp would be closest to the door. Here it is all aglow. {sigh}

I used the blue finial thing to fix an area on my dining room shelves that has been bugging me. (I recently fixed another shelf area here and another one here.)

This metal basket was a spur-of-the-moment purchase a few years ago and I've never really liked it very much (except when it was in the store.) I tried spray painting it silver a while ago to make it match my decor better, but I still have been hating it. 

So now it's been replaced by my Target find and the shelf looks so much better. 

I split up my two book bundles and put one here with this little group and put the other on the shelves on the other side of the dining room and used it like this:

Loving that change too. 

So here are my shelves looking so much better-

And now I'll stop blabbing and just show a few more pics of how my two new pops of blue are workin' it in my house.

I am loving that lamp from all angles. I was gushing about how pretty it is to my 6 year old the other night, and he finally sighed and rolled his eyes and was like "Mom, you're only this excited about it because it's new. In a few days you'll forget that it's there." 

Well I haven't forgotten yet!!


  1. I love that lamp! And the curtain fabric! I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets hypnotized by the Target bullseye. That place is dangerous for the pocketbook!

  2. I love this post, Brooke! The cartoon is so cute and funny. Did you drew that? When I am at Target, I would go crazay too....even though I am always on a frugal mode when I am at other stores...Target prices are so affordable before sales so during sales/clearances, it's so hard to resist the temptation! I have so many Target purchases you will not believe it! I will show them during my bedroom reveal. (that will be a few months from now, hubby is still working on the hardwood floors.) LOL!

    I love that table lamp of yours especially when it's lighted, it's so pretty. That's the same teardrop lamp base I suggested to Tara, my client. I really like your recent purchases (hello gorgeous West Elm chandelier!) and I think your home is coming together really nicely. By the way, adore the blue "thingy", too. :) Your son's comment is so cute! Haha..


  3. Great scores Brooke! Those curtains are amazing and I love your thingy...wait, that sounded funny. :) And I know what you mean about Target. I'm never able to get out of there for under $100. Damn you Target! You are too good!!

  4. I saw those curtains too! I loved them and was thinking about getting them in one of the other colors (how sad is it that I can't even remember the color now) because I was drawn to the pattern. (And the price of course... ) It's like a moth to the flame when I'm browsin' at Target. It's pretty sad... the last time I went to get my hair done my hairdresser told me, "Every time I go to Target, I swear I see your van in the parking lot!" And she would know, because I have my old website on the back in vinyl. That made me really reconsider my Target shopping trips :) But yeah, I love that place. Awesome scores! I love how your new lamp looks and that blue thing is just perfect! Can't wait to see the bench recovered. Hope you're doing well... we haven't chatted in a while. It's been a crazy month!

  5. Come do my house too! I love your style!!

  6. I took my mom to Target a couple weeks ago to help her find 2 pillows. I grabbed a cart when we walked in and she said "You really think we can't handle 2 pillows?" I told her there was no way we were leaving the store without at least 6 other items. It's a sickness. They make their shelves look too darn adorable!!

  7. Okay, Brooke, I don't know if you crafted that cartoon yourself or not, but either way--IT'S HYSTERICAL!! I laughed OUT LOUD! It couldn't be more true! That's how I decided i was actually gonna start gathering my frames for my wall gallery--super sales! Great finds and beautiful re-vamp for spring! I think I've said it before but it bears repeating--YOU ROCK!

    1. Thanks Hillary!! haha I SO wish I could say I was clever enough to make up that cartoon but I wasn't- a friend of mine had shared it on Facebook; I think it's something she found on Pinterest. I thought it was so funny and very true! :) Story of my life every time I go to Target!

  8. Haha.. love that.. You just described my husband at target.. minus the lamp and curtains of course.. he gets there and is convinced he needs more pants, shirts, shoes, shorts, a hat maybe.. it is unbelievable..

    You home looks gorgeous.. I love the lamp shade and the black and white rug.. divine!