23 April 2012

Wall Skin

Well, we have a winner to last week's giveaway! Thanks so much to everyone who participated; it was such a fun week! Thanks again to Nat & Holly from My Sister's Suitcase for letting me have a part in their awesome week & giveaway! I had a blast!

Today I'm showing off my friend Jana's super stylish dining room.
This girl is so trendy and stylish so it makes total sense that her house is too. 

You know I love black and white so I love this room already for the table & chairs (which btw, if you're thinking she's missing some chairs, she just moved them for the picture....so that she could show off her room's fabulous new addition....)

Seriously. I'm dying.
How. Awesome. Is This?

It's called a wall skin and it's made by a company called Accent Wall Customs
Their wall skins are made of removable and reusable fabric adhesive based material,
so they're not shiny and plastic-looking like vinyl (which, let's face it, looks kinda cheap.) 
The company can customize colors and designs so that you get wall art that's perfect for your house and decor. And it's great for people like me who are renting, because when you move, you just peel your art off the wall and put it back up in the next house. 

And it looks so dang cool. 

I love that Jana chose a huge, gutsy one that takes up almost a whole wall. 
It is so dramatic and has tons of impact.

I have added this to my "must have" list. 

I am so in love with the whole look of Jana's home; she's decorating it in such a cool, modern style and that wall art goes perfectly! I'll be posting more pictures of her home as she continues it's revamp. I'm loving it so far!!


  1. I love the wall art but I must know where your friend's Table is from? It's exactly what have looked for. Please beg her to share :)

    1. She got it at a furniture store called R C Willey in Las Vegas. They may be online, I'm not sure. Good luck; it is a good looking table!

  2. OMG! I am so green with envy...it's drop dead gorgeous!