27 April 2012

Yesterday's Shopping Trip

 In my post yesterday I mentioned how I was going to be starting a search for a small item to throw off the perfect symmetry of my mantel.

The whole set up right now looks really natural (flowers, wood, soft colors) so I wanted to find something totally opposite of that to stick on one side to shake things up a little bit. I wanted something metallic, maybe something that looked utilitarian....an oddball object to add a little interest. 

So you know what happens when you go looking for something super specific...you can't find it anywhere. I was in a shopping mood and I still had some money left on a Target gift card that's for me to do what I want with, which meant I could go shopping anywhere that I wanted to for something of that amount and then just use the Target card for groceries if I wasn't able to find my mantel object at Target.  Then technically I haven't used up any money from our budget on house stuff.  (Like my logic?? My husband sighed and rolled his eyes when I told him that before I left but he couldn't argue because it totally makes sense! haha) 

So anyway yesterday my twins and I hit up 4 different stores in my quest to find the perfect mantel object: Crate & Barrel, West Elm, Target and Pier 1. None of them had what I was looking for. I did see some cool things though while I was out. 

Crate & Barrel has this grey and white striped rug that would be perfect layered over my living room rug:

They also have it in black and white:

And at West Elm I was loving these two displays-

One with all their colorful dish cloths tied to a piece of drift wood that was suspended from the ceiling with ropes:

And the other with all their big white animal heads hung together on a wall.

I especially loved that some of the heads were layered on top of colorful rugs so that the white really popped. 

This little ball of sea shells (also in West Elm) seemed like it wouldn't be too hard of a DIY project:

Something to keep in mind next time I'm in Florida and can collect shells. 

West Elm also had pillows made of this sheepskin. It looks exactly like a fabric I was eyeing at Joann Fabrics a few months ago.

I didn't find anything note-worthy at Target or Pier 1 yesterday. And I also didn't find the object that I was looking for.

But, that doesn't mean I came home empty handed....

I just couldn't leave West Elm without this little guy, who grabbed my attention pretty much the second I walked in the door:

I put it up on the mantel and it looks perfect- so totally not the look I was out searching for because it's something natural looking like everything else, so I still have to find something metallic for up there...but I do love this little vase. 


  1. I have that rug and I absolutely love it! Good luck with the update, you have some great ideas here!
    I just stumbled on your blog and I love it! Great posts and great inspirations. Glad to be a new a follower.

  2. Crate & Barrel always have the loveliest rugs, the rug you saw is no exception! Love it.

    Cute vase, by the way!